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    What is my TEXA bluetooth pin?

    Where is the WiFi switch?

    How do I fix a Hasp Key error on my Texa?

    Can an internal internet chip be installed the TEXA Toughbook to remove the need for a hot spot?


    How do I update my Texa Unit?

    How far behind the OEM software is the TEXA Software?

    Can you remotely access logs of the truck trip data IE when it stopped or how long it stopped?

    Can you block certain bi-directional commands from individuals?

    Can you build individual truck files for you fleet? (IE. A bus company could have a recorded file for Bus 84 so when they logged in for the next maintenance can that information be stored?)

    Why does it say "user not subscribed" on my Texa Fault Code Tab?


    What is your return policy?