Clear 3714 Derate on Cummins QSF

Cummins off-highway engines can derate to the point of no longer being able to run. When you get a derate code it is a sign of underlying problems. As a result, there is always another fault that will display alongside the 3714 code. In the video below it is DEF quality abnormal rate change. Eventually, if it continues to be used in this condition the engine will no longer be able to start. 

In this video we use the TEXA Off-Highway Kit to clear this derate. This procedure works the same way for fault codes 1673, 4769 and 3712.  You will need a dealer-level software with bi-directional capabilities like this to clear the code after you make the repair.

Steps to View Fault Codes on TEXA   

  1. Once you are in the Off-Highway side of the software, select ‘Industrial Engines’ and ‘Cummins’
  2. Choose ‘Diesel Injection,’ this one is a J1939 Core 2. We are using a standard 9-pin (Select the Adapter OBD-Deutsch 9 3905786)
  3. Turn on the ignition and hit ‘Confirm’
  4. Once connected you will be able to see your derate code (3714) and any other fault codes

Steps to Clear Derate On TEXA OHW Software

  1. Under the ‘Settings’ tab select ‘Final Inducement Restart – Restart Counter. Now you can do 5 online changes without being connected to the internet
  2. Your counter will now be set to ‘0’ we will change it to ‘4’. This allows the engine to start.
  3. Then turn the ignition off
  4. From there you will want to check your ‘Maximum Restart Limit’ to make sure that it also changed to ‘4'
    Cummins derate
  5. To get the derate code to clear select ‘After-treatment DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) tank level – out of the derate mode (manual procedure)’ for the instructions
  6. Select the eraser tool in the bottom left of the screen to clear the faults
  7. You will be able to see all of the codes that are cleared except for 3714 (derate)
  8. Run the engine for 2 minutes. If the engine shuts down you may need to run it again until it confirms the def level in the tank if it was out of DEF.
  9. Turn off the engine. Turn the ignition back on and clear the codes again.
  10. At this point, it is no longer under a derate (Code is in memory) and operation is returned to normal unless another fault is detected with the system.  To make the memorized code clear you will need to clear a final time.

Clear Cummins Derate fault

Derate Diagnostics

To find the right tool for your shop or fleet browse our best-selling kits here. For additional support or questions about clearing your derate counter or about performing diagnostics on your TEXA kit contact our tech support, here.

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