Cojali Jaltest 2021 Updates

We’ve made Cojali Jaltest, an industry-leading diagnostic software, even better for 2021. From price reductions on our dealer-level kits to increased training opportunities, Cojali Jaltest and Diesel Laptops are an unstoppable duo when it comes to heavy-duty diagnostics. 

No Required Annual Fees

One of the biggest concerns we’d hear from customers looking to purchase Cojali Jaltest is that they didn’t want a required annual fee to keep using their software. That’s why we’re excited to announce that these fees are no longer mandatory! Once you purchase your kit, you’ll receive one year of Jaltest updates and Diesel Laptops support. After one year, if you choose not to renew, you’ll still have access to and be able to use the last version of Jaltest you updated to. While we still highly recommend you purchase one of our renewal packages to get the most out of your diagnostic tool, you now have a choice as a customer. 

Price Reductions and New Kit 

We’ve reduced the price on some of our most popular Jaltest kits including the Heavy and Medium Truck Diagnostic Laptop Tool, the Truck and Off Highway Diagnostic Tool, and the Truck, Agriculture and Off Highway Diagnostic Tool. We even added a brand-new kit: Cojali Jaltest Australian Truck Diagnostic Tool

Increased Training Opportunities

As you may know, we offer free training webinars for our dealer-level diagnostic kits. We used to offer Cojali Jaltest webinars once a month, but the classes kept growing and it was getting harder to answer everyone’s questions. We’ve changed the frequency of this webinar to be every other Wednesday at 11am ET. To find a date that works for you, head over to our training calendar or go directly to the Jaltest webinar listing.

We also started offering field training last month and we’re excited to grow it to include training for Cojali Jaltest as well! For more information on field training and to schedule your date, head over to our blog post and fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

New Training Videos

We’ve updated our library of training videos for Cojali Jaltest to show customers everything included in their kit, demonstrate the most recent version of the software, and to remove any outdated information. We’ve organized these videos into separate playlists for each of our dealer-level Cojali Jaltest kits found below.


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