October Only: $100 Off In-Person Training!

Our Training Department has some exciting updates to share with our customers including two new promotions for the month of October! Read below to find out more.

$100 Off In-Person Training

This month, all in-person training classes are $100 off! Not only does this include our best-selling classes like TEXA IDC5 and Aftertreatment Emissions Systems, but also exclusive classes like our Hydraulic System Fundamentals & Diagnostics classes. This discount is not reflected on the listings and will automatically be applied at checkout.

Test Your Technicians

One of the most common pushbacks we get about our training is that shops just don’t have the time to send out their technicians for a full-day class. We completely understand! Our Training Department is made up of former technicians, so we understand how busy it is. That’s why we’ve created a short quiz for shop owners and managers to see how much their technicians actually know.

The quiz covers aftertreatment, electrical issues, and more. Every question correlates to one of our classes. Once all of your technicians have finished the quiz, we’ll show you the results and see where you could increase shop efficiency and increase your ROI if your technicians just had one or two day’s worth of training in a particular subject. 

If you’re interested in having your technicians take our quiz, fill the link below to fill out the form and someone from our team will be in touch shortly with how to proceed.

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Danielle DuPuis

Danielle is a recent graduate from Clemson University where she studied Graphic Communications. She does a little bit of everything in the marketing department and enjoys taking on new projects at Diesel Laptops.

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