Everything You Need to Know About Hydraulics - 2 Day Course

As part of Diesel Laptops' continued commitment to training, we are excited to add specialized training courses for another big part of our customer base, Off-Highway Diagnostics. We will be kicking off with the introduction of our 2 Part Hydraulics Class:

Hydraulics Training Classes for Construction & Ag Equipment

Construction, Agricultural, Industrial, Mining, Vocational industries all use Hydraulic systems.  Learning the basics of these systems can help reduce major equipment failures and loss of revenue due to downed equipment.  In these two classes, students will learn to become proficient in the assessment, repair, and diagnostics of hydraulic systems.  From simple repairs like cylinder seal replacement to diagnosing complex hydraulic circuits, students will walk away with a foundation in hydraulic system repair.

Hydraulics Class Details:

  • Class held at our headquarters in Irmo, SC
  • Each class is a full day (8hr) In-person training class
  • 8am-5pm
  • 1 hour for lunch
  • Composed of Classroom and Hands-On portions

Part 1:  Hydraulic System Fundamentals and Repair

This class will take place on May 18th. In this class, students will learn the basics of Hydraulic system functions.  Some of the topics covered in the class:

  • Hydraulic Safety Practices
  • Components of a typical Hydraulic system
  • Hydraulic Terminology and Definitions used in the various Industries
  • How to read ANSI/ISO Hydraulic schematics
  • Understanding Control valves
  • Electronic vs Mechanical Control
  • How to perform simple hydraulic repairs such as Cylinder seal replacement and hose making
  • Students will also get hands-on experience testing/repairing hydraulic equipment

Hydraulics Fundamentals


Part 2:  Hydraulic System Diagnostics

In this class, students will compound the information learned in the Part 1 Hydraulic class, to include Diagnostics procedures. This class will be held on May 19th. Students will get hands-on experience with topics such as:

  • Main System Pressure Setting Procedures
  • Setting Implement Control pressures
  • Gauge reading and pressure adjustments
  • Cavitation diagnostics
  • Low system/ Erratic pressure diagnostics
  • Internal system Leak diagnostic procedures
  • Excessive heat diagnostics

Hydraulics Diagnostics


Learn about the full range of classes that we offer here.

Customers that purchased an off-highway kit within the last 12 months are eligible to receive this class for FREE!  You should have received a FREE Training Voucher with your purchase. To check your eligibility please call 888-983-1975 ext 755. If you wish to purchase this class, click the BUY NOW button below!

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