Introducing Diesel Laptops Capital

Diesel Laptops Capital is a new division of our company focusing on providing financial solutions to our clients. We believe in finding ways to get our diagnostic tools, shop equipment, and software into the shops across the country. Diesel Laptops Capital makes this possible. You can apply for financing on our application page.


Our financing is structured as leases as this provides many benefits versus a loan or paying outright for the equipment. Benefits include:

    • Tax Deductible – Your lease payments can typically be deducted as business expenses on your tax return.
    • Less Initial Expense – Why put all that cash upfront on a tool when you can lease it and have it generate cash for you? Our deals are structured in arrears, which means you don’t put any money upfront. Let the tools and equipment generate revenue for you and use that money to pay the monthly payments.
    • Flexible Terms – While we typically do leases for 36 to 60 months, we are flexible with our clients. We can change payment terms to quarterly or seasonally if that fits your business.
    • Easy to Upgrade – Maybe you are a couple of months into your lease, and you decide you want more equipment. Diesel Laptops Capital can easily add additional equipment into the financing package.

    Leases can be structured in two ways:

      • $1 Buyout - Once your lease term has completed, you need to pay $1 to own the equipment.
      • Fair Market Value (FMV) - You have options at the end of the term; you can return the equipment, purchase the equipment outright, or keep the equipment and re-finance the balance.

    General Credit Guidelines 

    As with anyone looking to secure a lease, there are credit conditions that need to be met. In general, for deals under $250,000, we are looking for the following:

      • Two years in business
      • No open bankruptcy reported in the last 7 years
      • No recent or large write-offs, charge-offs, collections, or foreclosures
      • No recent or large liens or judgments. If there, we will accept release paperwork if it has been resolved
      • Personal social security number is only needed if Diesel Laptops Capital is unable to find any credit history on your business.

            How It Works

              1. Fill out the online form on our Diesel Laptops Capital page. It will take you less than 5 minutes!
              2. Our Diesel Laptops Capital team will process your application. The average time is 2-4 hours during business hours.
              3. Our team will either call or email you with a credit decision.
              4. If approved, all documents can be generated within 15 minutes and emailed to you for digital signatures.

              You can always call us at 888-983-1975 x713 or email us at financing@diesellaptops.com with any questions as well.

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              Danielle DuPuis

              Danielle is a recent graduate from Clemson University where she studied Graphic Communications. She does a little bit of everything in the marketing department and enjoys taking on new projects at Diesel Laptops.

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