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At Diesel Laptops, we know that you want to be a better Diesel Technician. In order to do that, you need to know how to read electrical wiring diagrams. The problem is that every OEM draws its schematics differently, which makes you feel like you are starting over with every OEM. We believe that wiring diagrams should be consistently easy-to-read across OEMs, which is why we developed Diesel Wiring.  

Available now at www.dieselwiring.com, Diesel Wiring is an online software service that allows users to access easy-to-read diagrams that make it simple to locate the correct wire, every time.

Diesel Wiring Benefits and Features:

  1. Easy-to-understand schematics.

All wiring diagrams, regardless of OEM, have standardized symbols and color codes. Whether you are working on a Detroit Engine or a Mack Chassis, you will be able to read either just as easily. 

  1. Easily searchable information. 

The guided menu system makes searching for diagrams lightning-fast and incredibly simple. Just start with your industry type (Marine, On-Highway or Off-Highway) then choose Make, Type, Year, Model and Diagram Type from the pre-populated drop-down menus. Results show up instantly.

  1. Print or download diagrams to view later. 

Diesel Wiring is an online program that works best in a browser that reads PDFs, however, for those who need to print a copy of their wiring diagrams, there are options available for both printing or saving as a PDF for offline viewing.

Download a Sample Diagram

So, try it today so you can stop the confusion and start understanding even the most complex wiring diagrams and schematics. 

How it Works:

1. Launch the App

Diesel Wiring Select Start

To access the application, click the "Wiring Diagrams" button in the top menu bar.

2. Add your job

Add your job

Search our database for heavy trucks or off-highway equipment wiring diagrams by using our guided menu system.

3. View your Diagram


After searching is complete, you will have the option to preview, print, or download your wiring diagram.

Diesel Wiring Flexible Plans:

Diesel Wiring offers a variety of plans depending on your needs. All plans require user registration upon startup. There is a free plan which allows registered users two free lookups as well as the ability to print the results. 

There are two premium paid plans to chose from as well. They both offer unlimited lookups and printing. The differentiating factor is the billing cycle, which can either be done monthly or annually (the more cost-effective of the two.)

Register Now

More Information

For an up-to-date coverage chart please see our Forum Post here.

For any questions about Diesel Wiring, please email wiring@diesellaptops.com



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