Introducing TruckLaborTimes.com

With thousands of possible repairs for commercial trucks, estimating labor times for your customers can be overwhelming. Over or underestimating a job can drive away customers and cost you business. At Diesel Laptops, we believe accurately estimating heavy truck labor times shouldn't have to be complicated, and that's why we created TruckLaborTimes.com.

TruckLaborTimes.com is a brand new web-based application from Diesel Laptops that allows you to quickly and easily look up commercial truck labor times. By utilizing our extensive database of thousands of ordinary labor times, you can eliminate uncertainty and confidently provide your customers with accurate truck labor times.

Using the web application is simple. First, create a free account to get three free look-ups per month, or you can upgrade to a paid premium plan with unlimited look-ups.

Once you have signed up, click on the "Get Labor Times" button or visit https://trucklabortimes.com/labor-time-guide/ to start building a labor time estimate.

Select Your Job

Next, you'll build your estimate by selecting items from the drop-down menu system. Once you choose your manufacturer, category, component, variable, year range, and procedure, you will have the option to select one of three labor times provided by the application.

Select Truck Labor Times

Add Your Time

Built by and for service managers, the heavy-duty labor times on TruckLaborTimes.com are based on real shop experience conditions. The Low/Average/High numbers represent anything from optimal working conditions to extenuating circumstances such as excessive corrosion requiring additional clean up, etc.

Add Time

Print Your Estimate

After adding your time, you can continue to add more jobs until you are ready to print a copy of your estimate.

Print your estimate

If you'd like to start creating accurate truck labor estimates, visit Trucklabortimes.com and create a free account today.

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