RevHD Wheel End Diagnostics Webinar

Diesel Laptops has partnered with RevHD, the wheel end expert company, to bring our customers a brand new webinar: Wheel End Diagnostics, Tips, and Tricks

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About the Webinar 

This webinar will cover all aspects of proper wheel end maintenance utilizing the latest TMC guidelines regarding safety, bearing adjustments, and diagnostics. You’ll learn problem-solving tips surrounding the hub, spindle, bearings, and wheel seal. This webinar will help bring technicians up to speed on the latest product changes and provide you with tips that will allow for:

  • Longer life for all components
  • Less liability
  • Lowering costs
  • Less downtime 
  • Increased efficiency 

Course Chapters

This webinar is organized into six different chapters:

  • Diagnosis - what went wrong if you see premature failing
  • Component Inspection - what you should be looking for
  • Cleanliness - the importance of cleanliness and what to look for
  • Reassembly - proper installation of all components
  • Bearing Adjustments - this is the most critical step in the wheel end
  • Proper Lubrication - you’ll learn about different lubricants and the proper amount of each 


Register now!

About the Instructor

This webinar will be hosted by Brian Beathard. Brian has 28 years of experience surrounding the heavy-duty wheel end. Before joining RevHD, Brian worked as a trainer for Stemco and Pro-Mech Learning Systems. He has consulted fleets such as Walmart, UPS, Pepsi, ABF, and Ryder just to name a few. He currently works for RevHD, a company he helped form, as a Wheel End Consultant and National Sales Director.

About RevHD

RevHD, LLC was established by former seal manufacturing employees who partnered to develop a Better Seal, with a Better Warranty, and a Better Price. They utilized 75+ years of wheel-end sealing technology to make their Rev 1 and Rev Max seals. RevHD is a family-owned company, committed to an “old-school” philosophy of customer service and customer loyalty. They stand behind their truck and tractor trailer seals completely and offer a no-questions-asked warranty.  They will warranty their seal no matter the cause of failure — even technician error. More information on RevHD and additional training can be found at RevHD.com.

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