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Our Biggest Annual Sale, Discover Diesel!

Diesel Laptops is celebrating our customers for our biggest annual sale, Discover Diesel. Whether you are new to Diesel Laptops line of products and services or one of our valued customers, there is always something new to discover at Diesel Laptops!...

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2021 TEXA & Cojali Off-Highway Cable Guide

Drowning in Cable Options for Your Equipment? Diesel Laptops' Off-Highway Diagnostic Kits with TEXA or Cojali software provide a durable tool that is compatible with a variety of construction, agricultural and industrial equipment. Eliminating the need for multiple pieces of...

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Cojali Jaltest Version 20.3 Update

The Cojali Jaltest software on Diesel Laptop’s Off-Highway Diagnostic Kit has become an increasingly popular tool for technicians looking to do repairs on construction & agriculture equipment as well as generators. As the software improves the tool becomes easier to...

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Step by Step Guide to Troubleshoot and Repair a VGT

What is a VGT? Variable-geometry Turbochargers or VGTs are a type of turbo charger designed to allow the optimum amount of air flow to change depending on engine conditions. The optimum air flow or aspect ratio changes depending on engine...

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General Overview of CASE Tractor with Cojali Jaltest Software

Cojali Jaltest agricultural software is an excellent diagnostic tool for working on farming equipment. The Diesel Laptops kit with the Cojali software gives equipment owners the ability to perform dealer level commands on over 70 makes of equipment, including CASE...

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How To Put Diesel Generators In Diagnostic Mode

Most makes and models of generators need to be put in diagnostic mode to communicate to diagnostic or scan tools. Diagnostic mode allows you to keep the ECM powered to connect to a diagnostic tool. If the tool doesn’t automatically...

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Cojali Jaltest Version 20.2 Update

If you are not familiar with Cojali Jaltest, it is industry-leading software that offers diagnostic solutions for a wide range of commercial trucks, construction, and agriculture equipment. One of the major benefits of choosing this software, other than the ease-of-use,...

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