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Diagnostic Messages Explained

When clients are comparing various diagnostic tools, quite often they find that some tools read more or less code than other tools. This blog post will attempt to explain some of the reasoning behind that. First off, it is often...

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Step by Step Guide to Troubleshoot and Repair a VGT

What is a VGT? Variable-geometry Turbochargers or VGTs are a type of turbo charger designed to allow the optimum amount of air flow to change depending on engine conditions. The optimum air flow or aspect ratio changes depending on engine...

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Clear 3714 Derate on Cummins QSF

Cummins off-highway engines can derate to the point of no longer being able to run. When you get a derate code it is a sign of underlying problems. As a result, there is always another fault that will display alongside...

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TEXA Updates: Truck V48.1 and Off-Highway V20

Still on the old TEXA software? Its time to update! TEXA has been keeping busy this month with several update releases. First was, IDC5 Truck Software Update 48.0.0 which was released earlier in the month, then a week later they...

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Debunking Off-Highway Diagnostics – Part 1

Why Is it So Hard to Find Heavy Equipment Repair Information and Tools? The one thing that always comes up is the difference between commercial trucks and heavy equipment in the off-highway world. How different can they be? Well, very....

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