• Turn your TEXA into Cash!

    Got a TEXA in the shop that you're not using? Got your eye on a different Diagnostics Kit? Need to free up some cash? Trade-in your TEXA!

    Get up to $2,500 for your TEXA

    For a limited time, Diesel Laptops is offering up to $2,000* for working TEXA units. Those wanting to trade in their TEXA toward a new purchase from Diesel Laptops can get up to a $500 bonus** for a maximum trade-in value of $2,500.

    Anyone with a working TEXA can qualify for this limited time offer. You do not have to be a Diesel Laptops customer. Diesel Laptops will buyback any verified working TEXA unit.

    How it works

    To participate in the Diesel Laptops TEXA Buyback Program, follow these simple steps:

    1. Fill in the online application form.
    2. Provide quality photos (see examples below)
    3. Accept the terms of your quote.
    4. Use our pre-paid shipping label to send in your equipment.
    5. Get a check or add the $500 bonus cash to the purchase of some other great software.

    For more details on each step of this process, keep reading. To start the buyback process now, click the button below.

    Fill out the Sell My Tool form

    Photo Guidelines

    During the application process, you will be asked to provide three photos of your TEXA. The first photo will need to show the TEXA hooked up to a vehicle to prove it is in working order. The green power light needs to be visible in the photo as proof that is turned on. If you do not have a truck, you may hook the TEXA up to a car. 

    See the example photo below for reference.

    TEXA buyback

    The second photo you provide will need to provide will be of the Serial Number of your TEXA Navigator TXTs Box. All numbers must be visible. An example is shown below.

    TEXA buyback Serial number

    The third and final photo you will need to take will be of the entire kit, showing all cables and accessories. 

    TEXA buyback kit

    Once you have taken the three required photos, it will be time to fill out the official Diesel Laptops Buyback Application Form.

    Filling out the Buyback Form

    To apply for the Buyback program you will need to fill out the official form on our website. Be sure to include the photos and fill out all the required fields. Be sure to double-check your email and phone number before submitting the form. 

    Fill out the Sell My Tool form

    Accepting your offer

    Once your photos have been inspected and your application has been approved, you will receive a quote for your buyback amount. You have 14 days to accept your offer. Once you accept your offer, you will need to ship your TEXA to Diesel Laptops. 

    Shipping your TEXA to Diesel Laptops

    You will have 14 days to ship your TEXA to Diesel Laptops once you have received your pre-paid shipping label. Please pack your shipment carefully to avoid damage in transit.

    Diesel Laptops reserves the right of refusal if your item is not in the same condition of the photographs that were provided.

    Please note that Diesel Laptops will not cover the return shipping if for any reason your trade is canceled. 

    Get Paid up to $2,000

    Once your TEXA is shipped to Diesel Laptops, a check for the agreed-upon amount (up to $2,000) will be mailed to you within seven business days. Please note that as a result of COVID-19, mail services may run slower than expected, so please allow extra time for mail delivery. 

    *Unit buyback price is up to $2,000 depending on unit make, model, and condition. Upon approval, buyback is paid by check within seven business days from the date the unit is shipped to Diesel Laptops. 

    **$500 bonus Diesel Laptops credit is added when full initial buyback credit amount is used at Diesel Laptops.

    Questions or concerns?

    If you have any questions or concerns about the Diesel Laptops TEXA Buyback Program please call us at 888-983-1975 x1 or email sales@diesellaptops.com 

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