• Diesel Validation Tool Software

    Diesel Validation Tool Software

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    Diesel Validation Tool Software from Diesel Laptops makes testing your PC-to-adapter-to-vehicle connection a breeze. The next time you hook up to a vehicle just run this free software program to validate or troubleshoot your connection. 

    Software Functions

    This program works with all RP1210 Diagnostic adapters and performs the following:

    • Ensures your diagnostic adapter’s drivers are installed properly
    • Determines if the PC can communicate with the diagnostic adapter
    • Determines if the diagnostic adapter can communicate with the Vehicle
    • Provides information about the diagnostic adapter’s drivers and firmware

    In addition to assisting you in troubleshooting, the Diesel Validation Tool can also be used to find modules that are communicating on the vehicle.

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    Pavel Goriachkin

    Diesel Validation Tool Software

    Francisco Chairez


    Kevin Craddock
    The support was excellent. They answered all my questions and I was able to configure my own devi...

    Everything works as it supposed to. I did have some problems installing the program on my particular machine but it was not a problem with the program. The issue was a problem with Microsoft Surface Tablets. I purchased a different computer and the end result was excellent.
    I enjoyed setting up everything and making it look professional. This tablet is for use at my repair facility. All rights to the diesel laptop name belong to them. I will definitely let anybody that sees the machine running know who to call to get their diesel software or hardware solutions. Diesel Laptops


    axel ortiz marrero

    Great thanks

    Jeffrey Rose

    Works perfectly