• Isuzu Remote Programming Kit (RPK)

    Isuzu Remote Programming Kit (RPK)

    The Isuzu Engine  Remote Programming Kit (RPK), available exclusively through Diesel Laptops, is the solution you are looking for if you need dealer-level programming for your Isuzu vehicle. 


    How the RPK Service Works

    1. The kit is sent to you via 2nd Day Air (You can upgrade to Next Day Air for an additional $100).
    2. Once received, you will need to contact our technical support department.
    3. You connect the hardware to the vehicle or equipment.
    4. Our technician will remote access the machine and perform the necessary services for up to 6 injectors.
    5. Your package will contain a UPS return label, and we will schedule a UPS pick-up. Please note that your kit must be returned in its entirety within 7 days of receipt of shipment. For questions or concerns please call 888-983-1975 ext 2.
    6. Our technicians will perform all services requested, and also verify the procedure was completed successfully. You will be provided with before and after documentation showing the work performed.

    Our technicians will make sure your ECM is properly back-up before the work is performed, perform all services requested, and also verify the procedure was completed successfully. You will be provided with before and after documentation showing the work performed.

    This kit is shipped with software that renders it disabled until our technical support department can access the machine.

    About the Isuzu Truck IDSS Diagnostic System

    Our Isuzu Truck IDSS Diagnostic System gives you all the power of the Isuzu dealership at your fingertips. This kit will work on all Isuzu Trucks from 1996 to current. You can run all your favorite bi-directional commands such as forced regens, injector programming, relearn commands, and more. Includes wiring schematics and troubleshooting guides, and can perform all the same commands & diagnostics that dealer can do.

    Complete vehicle coverage including N-Series, Stripped Chassis, W-Series, F-Series, T-Series, C-Series, and H-Series.

    Coverage includes:
    • Diesel 5.2L (4HK1)
    • Diesel 5.2L (4JJ1)
    • Diesel 3.0L (4JJ1)
    • Diesel 7.8L (6HK1)
    • Diesel 4.8L (4HE1)
    • Gas 6.0L
    • Gas 5.7L
    • Propane 6.0L
    • Gas/Propane Hybrid 6.0L
    • All other vehicle ECUs such as Transmission, ABS, FMS Controller, Diesel Exhaust Fluid Control Module, Mimamori ECU, Powertrain Interface Module (PIM), and many more.

    Frequently Asked Questions

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    Can you program more than one truck while I have the tool?
    Yes, but we charge an additional $99 per programming incident. Part # RPK-ISUZU-MORE.

    How much to get this tool next day air?
    It is an additional $100 for next day air charges. We ship UPS, and most delivery area codes are guaranteed by 10:30 am.

    Am I purchasing the entire kit as shown for this price?
    No, this is a managed rental service you are paying for. We ship you the item, our technicians perform the repair, and we then ship it back to us. If you wish to purchase a kit such as this to keep, please contact our sales department at 888-241-5755 option 1.

    What if the programming doesn't fix my equipment? Do I get a refund?
    You will receive a full refund if you were advised to purchase this product by our Technical Support staff and in working with them, you are unable to perform the recommended feature. If you purchase this on your own volition and are unable to use the kit, you can receive a refund for the cost of the product minus the cost of shipping provided audit logs confirm no functions were performed.

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    If you have any questions about this or any other product, please don't hesitate to contact one of our Diesel Laptops experts at (888) 983-1975 or by clicking below!

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    Joel Roy
    Great tool

    This a a great way for someone who owns several Isuzu trucks and needs to make occasional ECM changes. The RPK worked fine at our shop on the company WiFi and it did well in the field with WiFi from my phone as a HotSpot.
    Thanks Diesel Laptops for offering this setup.

    programming kits

    They are a great resource just wish there was a way to get the assistance quicker.

    Peter Berger

    did a great job!!

    James M Neese

    Isuzu Remote Programming Kit (RPK)