Total Shop Solution Service for Commercial Trucks

Total Shop Solution Service for Commercial Trucks

The Total Shop Solution from Diesel Laptops is a better way to manage your diesel and automotive diagnostic capabilities. This is a monthly program that allows you to perform diagnostics on all commercial trucks & automotive vehicles, along with providing you access to live diesel technicians for technical support, a wide range of software applications, and the ability to work on anything.

The Total Shop Solution solves several problems, including:

  • Not having access to the right diagnostic tool with the proper capabilities;
  • Not having live, USA based diesel technicians to help you repair trucks;
  • Not having Repair information available to you via desktop programs, websites, and iOS/Android apps;
  • Lacking the ability to perform the same diagnostic commands and tests that the dealers can do;
  • Having to say "no" to a customer because you didn't have the right tool, repair information, or expertise.

All those problems are quickly solved when you sign up for the Total Shop Solutions Service.

Once enrolled in the program, you will receive the following products and services:

  • A multi-brand, dealer level truck diagnostic tool (this will do DPF regens, injector programming, parameter changing, and much more);
  • A multi-brand, dealer level automotive diagnostic tool that performs without required Internet coverage and does the same commands that dealership can perform;
  • An armored tablet with our Diesel Laptops LTE Network on it;
  • Access to our entire library of desktop, mobile, and website applications (This includes information on fault codes, wiring diagrams, labor time guides, specification values, remove and replace instructions, and much more);
  • Unlimited use of our Remote Programming Kits;
  • Unlimited use of our Virtual Diesel Technician program (These are actual, live diesel technicians at our facility in South Carolina. They are available to assist with diagnostics, running commands, obtaining wiring diagrams, and anything else you need. Think of them as an extension of your shop);
  • You have complete warranty coverage, updates, and support for the entire term of the program (36-months);
  • Three vouchers for our in-class training center, which covers electrical training, aftertreatment systems, and more;

Virtual Diesel Technicians

Our company headquarters in Irmo, SC is staffed with both IT Professionals and Diesel Technicians. Our company also has access to virtually every possible OEM software and repair information that we can get our hands-on. While this is difficult and expensive for individual shops to obtain, we are here to assist our customers. Our virtual diesel technicians can help with any of the following:

  • Remotely accessing your multi-brand dealer level diagnostic tool assist with troubleshooting or functionality;
  • Providing you a repair plan and suggestions for your vehicle;
  • Obtaining technical information such as wiring diagrams, step-by-step fault code information, specification values, or anything else you may need;
  • Working with you through our mobile apps to live stream what you see, so that we can better understand the problem;
  • Utilizing our internal knowledge base of known issues and corrections.

Our technicians come from a wide variety of backgrounds, including Detroit, CAT, Cummins, International, FUSO, and many others. Our commitment here is to provide additional resources to your repair facility so that you can spend less time guessing and searching and be more productive in repairing equipment.

Diesel Laptops Only Tools

The tools we provide you are the best diagnostic tool and repair information in the business. Our company has created an extensive suite of products to help you fix your truck, no matter where you are. This includes:

  • DTC Solutions - Repair information & wiring diagrams for all commercial trucks. You'll receive this on your computer, access via a website (www.TruckFaultCodes.com), and mobile apps for both iOS and Android.
  • Labor Time Guide with Estimating - Look up common labor times and create estimates. Currently only available in desktop application.
  • Truck Parts Cross - Easily cross-reference OEM and aftermarket part numbers to see available alternatives. This tool comes as a desktop application, website, and mobile version.
  • KnowledgeBase 2.0 - A huge repository of PDFs -- Over 20,000 of them -- Containing in-depth repair information.

These are tools that you can only find at Diesel Laptops and being a member of this program means you receive unlimited usage and access, with no additional fees. You also gain full access to any new software or websites we release during your program enrollment.

Getting you the tools you need

The tool we send you to do your dealer-level diagnostics will do around 95-98% of what is available in the market. However, we have you covered for those oddball issues. Part of being in this program means Diesel Laptops will send, or remotely install, the software or hardware you need to get your truck fixed and running. What's more, we have the ability to install OEM software as well as additional aftermarket programs. In certain cases, we may send a Remote Programming Kit (RPK.) There is no extra charge because it is part of what you get for the program.

Program Information

This program is a signed 36-month agreement. There is no credit check, and only your first payment is due to get started. You can call us at 888-983-1975 x1 for more details, or visit our Blog Page that gives more details.