TEXA Truck & Off-Highway Support - Level 2 (Standard)

TEXA Truck & Off-Highway Support - Level 2 (Standard)

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Our Truck & Off-Highway Standard (Level 2) support package will not only keep your software updated, but gives you the ability to call our technical support team for virtually any issue you might run into. This package includes:

  • 12 Months of Updates for TEXA Truck & Off-Highway Software
  • 12 Months of Updates for DTC Solutions Truck & Off-Highway Edition
  • Basic support for connect & software related issues
  • Unlimited advanced support from Diesel Technicians
  • FREE Next Day Air shipping on replacement parts (Customer is responsible for cost of the parts)

NOTE: This purchase not only provides you with software updates, but also the ability for Diesel Laptops to provide you with technical assistance for another year. TEXA releases 7 to 11 major Truck and Off-Highway updates every year, and they also release minor updates in between. These updates include expanding capabilities on newer model years, along with new functionality for previously covered software. Software updates often times increase the coverage of the tool, such as previous expansions into refrigeration units, light duty diesel, material handling equipment, machine body controllers, and much more.

If you are out of support and have any technical issue, our team will not be able to support clients on older versions of software. You’ve made the initial investment, and a true multi-brand diagnostic tool is essential to the efficiency of any repair operation. Keep your software updated, utilize our technical call center for assistance, and help keep trucks on the road and equipment running.

Upon purchasing a support package from Diesel Laptops, our team will contact you to arrange for our technical call center to remote access your tool, perform all applicable updates, and ensure everything is in working order.

To compare all our TEXA support plans, view our comparison page. To find your current licenses, search by Support ID.

If you have any questions on the packages outlined here, please contact us at 888-983-1975.