VocomII for volvo trucks

Feb 13, 2021 - 1:21 PM

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  • Hi
    Does your hardware Vocom II works all function with volvo trucks europian models like: FM, FH, FL..
    I live in israel and we dont have Volvo trucks like the models used in the USA.
    I need to use it with our volvo trucks.
    Does it able to do all functions or there are a different version for Europian Volvo Trucks,?

  • The Vocom II hardware will be able to connect and work with European model trucks. The only difficulty is getting the Volvo software that would works with European models. This typically can not be purchased from Volvo directly unless you are a dealer. If you need any help acquiring the Volvo software for Euro models you can email me at riley@diesellaptops.com I have a contact that would be able to assist you