PocketFleet Diagnose and BitDefender

Oct 18, 2019 - 8:06 AM

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  • Recently, we had a customer call in to say that Bitdefender was flagging Pocketfleet Diagnose (PFD) as a Trojan. We looked into it, and discovered that this was a False Positive due to the fact that some parts of Pocketfleet are encrypted (for protection).

    We reached out to BitDefender on this issue and they ran the program by their Virus Analysis Labs, where it received a clean bill of health! The false positive that BitDefender is throwing with PFD should be resolved within the next couple of updates, so if you are experiencing this issue please try updating BitDefender and it should stop blocking Pocketfleet Diagnose.

  • Wow, great job getting it to BitDefender to fix! Most of these anti-virus programs are looking at how software operates and trying to figure out if its a virus or not. Of course, our software (and other manufacturers) use encryption and other tools to secure our software and interact with another hardware-based device (Truck ECMs), so they often are improperly flagged as being malicious software.

  • hi all,i have the same issues but i have kaspersky total security most times when i update usually pause kaspersky then install program then have to open kaspersky applications manager and allow program to startup have issues with both pocket fleet and diesel explorer only seem to rear its head when i upgraded to win10 pro from win 7 pro gets a bit annoying somedays.

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