I'll try to keep this short. I'm not a mechanic. I work for a school that teaches students how to drive semi trucks. I'm the fleet maintenance manager.

I just have relationships with the shops that are good, and I'll fix what I can myself. But I'm not in any way trained as a mechanic. I got myself a laptop mostly to do regens weekly as we idle 8 hours a day, and it's hell on the aftertreatments.

Diesel laptops has a class next week in Columbus that is about diagnosing issues with the after treatment system, and that is one area I'm sort of lost as I'm trying to teach myself.

Has anyone taken these classes and would it be useful to me? I don't want to shell out $500 and a hotel for something I could just Google, ya know? I taught myself how to use software through trial and error. Anyone have any insight into this?