Client called into tech support. They had active codes for their DPF, which they had just replaced. The customer wasn't sure how to properly tell the ECM that a new filter was on the truck, and how to clear the codes. Our experienced diesel technicians in our technical support department walked him through how to do it with the TEXA software:

1) Ran the command called DPF Replacement
2) Started engine and got engine temp to 158F
3) Ran the KOER Test (Key On Engine Running)
4) Ran the Standard Test and performed a DPF Regen
5) Once regen was complete, codes went inactive
6) Ran the Clear Codes command

Hopefully this helps the next person looking to do a DPF replacement sequence on a MaxxForce engine. Not that this procedure is pretty much the same for all MaxxForce engines, not just the MaxxForce DT.