dd13 idle surge

Oct 21, 2020 - 10:51 AM

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  • dd13 410hp s/n 02BC3501 unit had issues with no fuel pressure on doser sensor. check and stop engine lamps on. replaced fuel block in lhs rear and doser block and nozzle at turbo down pipe. read data and found pressure on sensor at 30 psi. unit has surging idle with fuel pressure ranging from 3400 to 6500 psi at idle. ideas on what to look at in lap top to help with diagnosis codes have not returned as of yet.

  • I'm going to get a diesel tech to help answer some questions, but having those fault codes would REALLY help and narrow it down. Did you find them yet?

  • Hello Cody, as Tyler mentioned it would be very helpful to have the fault codes to give us a general direction. The dd13's did have a known issue with sticking quantity fuel control valves that would cause surging idle and erratic fuel pressure. This sounds like it be something worth checking on your engine. If you have a dealer level diagnostic tool you may be able to look at commanded vs actual fuel pressure, as well as amperage draw of the valve.

  • Wondering if anyone else has same problems with the DD15 of has found a way to fix this issue.
    Also notice a slight surge/hesitation when getting on the power sometimes, not sure if this is linked to idle problems. They don't know
    Also still rough idles if I kick rpm's up to 900 https://romsemulator.net/emulators/dreamcast/

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