Lots of training classes ramping up at the end of August this year:

TEXA Training @ 1 PM - August 22nd
To guarantee your success with your TEXA Kit powered by Diesel Laptops, our ASE and OEM certified Diesel Technician trainers developed this course to provide hands-on experience using the IDC5 software on a live truck. You'll learn how to incorporate TEXA's IDC5 software along with Diesel Laptops' exclusive software into your diagnostic process. By the end of this half-day course, you'll be able to go back to the shop and diagnose vehicles and equipment more efficiently.

Aftertreatment and Emissions Systems @ 8 AM - August 23rd
Since 2007, the EPA has imposed restrictions requiring every on-highway diesel vehicle to have some type of aftertreatment system to clean the exhaust expelled by diesel engines. Unfortunately, these systems have high failure rates and rely on the health and functionality of the engine, ultimately making it challenging to diagnose these failures and find the root cause of it. In this class, you'll learn how understanding the interaction between upstream engine issues and aftertreatment system issues can quickly get to the root cause.

Electrical Diagnostics I @ 8 AM - August 24th
Heavy-duty vehicles continue to add more electrical systems as advances in technology are allowing the use of things such as multiplexed control modules, driver assistance systems, safety systems like roll stability, and data-linked systems for body manufacturers to integrate into the vehicles. While these systems are increasing in complexity, it’s imperative for you as a technician to have a solid foundation in the basics of electrical diagnostics. Without these skills, you’re bound to waste time and make incorrect diagnoses. Our ASE and OEM certified Diesel Technician trainers will help you gain the skills and ability needed to diagnose modern heavy-duty electrical systems efficiently and accurately.

Electrical Diagnostics II @ 8 AM - August 25th
In this course, students will continue their electrical knowledge growth by learning more about the electrical components and diagnostics of today's electrical systems.

Oscilloscope Diagnostics 101 @ 8 AM - August 26th
Are you looking for the next step in your diagnostic game? Are you tired of countless hours trying to diagnose complex electrical issues that always seem to be intermittent or come and go as they please? A digital storage Oscilloscope is an invaluable tool when performing electrical diagnostics on today's complex vehicles and equipment. In this class, students will learn the basics of using a digital storage oscilloscope and learn how a DSO can make them more efficient and really take their diagnostic skills to a new level.

Visit https://training.diesellaptops.com/pages/locations-chicago for a full list of upcoming classes!