• API Services

    For Commercial Truck Repair and Parts Information

    For customers looking to integrate commercial truck repair or parts information into their own systems, Diesel Laptops has a range of APIs available for purchase. These have been built with industry standards and can easily be integrated into back-end business systems, web pages, mobile apps, and desktop applications. 

    Truck Fault Codes

    Database of fault codes found commercial trucks with repair information. Covers all commercial trucks from class 3 through 8.

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    Equipment Fault Codes

    Database of fault codes found in off-highway equipment with repair information. Covers over 100 different manufacturers for all applications.

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    Symptom Based Troubleshooting (SBT)

    Guided repair information for troubleshooting commercial trucks based on symptoms.

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    Technical Repair Docs

    Includes documents of all types including Remove and Replace instructions, Recalls, Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs), engine specifications, maintenance charts, torque specifications, and much more.

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    Truck Labor Times

    Database covering estimated labor times for commercial truck repair. Covers Class 3 through 8.

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    VIN Decoder

    Commercial truck VIN decoder that includes a standardized naming scheme along with over 20 data points.

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    Wiring Diagrams & Component Locators

    Wiring diagrams and component locators for commercial trucks. Covers complete trucks plus sub-systems in a standardized format.

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    Truck Parts Cross Reference

    Database containing over 100 million cross references for commercial truck parts.

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    Exploded Parts Views

    Find part numbers for commercial trucks by looking through a year/make/model directory and view images of components.

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    By Measurement

    Allows users to select a part type and then enter measurement specifications to find the part number they are looking for.

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