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    Maintain Healthy Fleets with Diesel Laptops' Tools and Support 

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    What is the Cost of Fleet/Equipment Downtime?

    • 500,000 KV Electric Transmission line loses $250,000/per hour while it is down.

    • Distribution Crew hired by a Utility can be $8,000/day with labor, materials, trucks, tools, etc.

    • $600-$1500 minimum for OE Repair.

    • Wait time is a few hours to a few weeks.

    How Does Diesel Laptops Help Fleet Managers?

    All-in-One Diagnostics

    Our dealer-level diagnostic kits feature engine, hydraulic and electrical coverage on all major makes and models. Avoid downtime, expensive repairs, and potentially rescheduling a crew or job waiting for dealers. Knowledge is power when it comes to managing a fleet.

    In-House Solutions

    Improve preventative maintenance, diagnose issues, order parts, and complete the repair in-house with the help of Diesel Laptops. With a diverse fleet of trucks and equipment, having a multi-brand tool that can handle dealer level commands is a must!

    Training & Support

    We help you get the most out of your new diagnostic tool by providing training and support. Diesel Laptops also offers training for your technicians and our US-based support line has technicians standing by to help diagnose and repair trucks and off highway equipment.

    Freedom from Shops and Dealers:

    • Pays for itself in as few as 5 regen service calls.

    • Most customers see ROI in less than 30 days.

    • Improved Efficiency: Diesel Laptops US-based support included.

    • Perform Bi-Directional Commands.

    What Comes with Our Kits?

    • Multi-brand Diagnostic Software (TEXA or Cojali).

    • Panasonic Toughbook Cf31 and Essential Cables.

    • 12 Months of Updates and Support.

    • Diesel Laptops Training.

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