CanDo HD Bluetooth Mobile DPF Regens with Thermal Imaging

CanDo HD Bluetooth Mobile DPF Regens with Thermal Imaging


Bundle and save with the worlds most rugged mobile phone that also includes thermal imaging! This customer bundle from Diesel Laptops provides you with: CanDo HD Mobile, Rugged CAT S60 Android phone with thermal imaging, canvas carry case, and a 12-month subscription to www.TruckFaultCodes.com.

With this kit, you can scan any commercial truck or automobile and quickly retrieve codes, clear codes, view live data, perform DPF regens on certain engines, and access detailed repair information on every single heavy truck diagnsotic code.

CAT S60 Rugged Phone

You are looking at the most rugged phone on the planet. It is drop-proof, water-proof, and also has built-in thermal imaging. This phone currently works on TMobile and AT&T networks, which you would be responsible for purchasing if you want voice service. You can connect to wifi and use it without that service. For more information, you can view the CAT S60 on our website.

CanDo HD Mobile

The CanDo HD mobile is at the heart of this bundle. This adapter will connect to automobile, commercial trucks, and CAT off highway equipment. While commercial trucks are the focus of this tool, you can expect this tool to connect to virtually anything and allow you to read & clear codes, view live data from vehicle sensors, view lifetime/trip reports, and much more. This tool also has the added benefit of performing DPF regenerations on Cummins, International MaxxForce, Detroit, Volvo, and Mack engines as well. Item comes with connection cables for OBDII, 6-pin, 9-pin, and CAT 9-pin equipment. We have a full, in-depth review of this tool on our blog page, which includes screen shots and video.

TruckFaultCodes.com Subscription

We've bundled up a free year of www.TruckFaultCodes.com, which is normally a $200/year subscription. This website will give you repair information for virtually every single diagnostic code that exists on commercial trucks. It can be used on any device that has Internet, including the 7" Android tablet in this bundle.

Canvas Carry Bag

Keep your purchase safe and keep it together in this handy carry case. With more then enough room to store the tablet, charger, CanDo HD Mobile, and all the cables, this carry case can easily be placed in a toolbox or shelf in the shop.


We have compiled an in-depth review on our blog page. We include a variety of videos, screenshots, and our opinion on this tool.


We've put together several video's that explain how the tool works, shows us doing a DPF regen on a Cummins, and show cases how the TruckFaultCodes.com site functions.

CanDo HD Mobile Review

CanDo HD Mobile doing Cummins DPF Regen

Introduction to TruckFaultCodes.com

CAT S60 with Thermal Imaging

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this work with John Deere?

Yes, we have connected to several John Deere engines and equipment. It read the sensors and codes.

Will this work with Mack DPF Regen?

The official answer is "Yes, but not supported." This means that we have tested it on several Mack trucks and it has worked. However, if it does not, it will not be supported or troubleshooted by CanDo.