Diesel Laptops Universal Truck Diagnostic Tablet Edition

Diesel Laptops Universal Truck Diagnostic Tablet Edition


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Don’t underestimate the power behind this diagnostic tablet.  Although this is an entry-level diagnostic tool, the Diesel Laptops Universal Truck Diagnostic Tablet, and Kit (2019 Edition) provides you with the ability to accurately and quickly perform basic diagnostics across almost all industries.

While designed for commercial trucks, this diagnostic device can process data from numerous other vehicle types including automotive, marine, and off-highway equipment.  You will be able to read and clear codes, view live data, create trip and lifetime reports, and perform basic diagnostics.

That’s not it.  This kit will also give you intuitive access to various other important things to make your life easier including repair information, on fault codes, wiring diagrams, remove and replace instruction, labor time guides, estimating software, truck parts cross reference, and much more (read the following for more details about device functions).

This tool will allow you to do the following:

  • View both "generic" data such as MID/PID/SPN/FMI but will also translate the codes to true OEM flash codes.
  • Show you all inactive and active fault codes on your vehicle, and which component they belong to.
  • View live data, including sensors and positions. This includes items such as oil pressure, coolant temperature, DPF sensors, status of on/off switches, and much more.
  • View engine data such as VIN number, engine hours, fuel used, miles drive, average fuel economy, and hundreds more.
  • Print trip and lifetime reports that show important vehicle information.
  • Force live regen's (On models that use OBD-II Only).
  • View repair information on diagnostic fault codes.
  • View vehicle wiring diagrams and component locators.
  • Cross-reference OEM and aftermarket truck parts.
  • Utilize our in-house diesel technicians for advanced troubleshooting.

Software Contents

We've put together a huge collection of software to help you properly diagnose your trucks.


Universal diagnostic software that reads fault codes and live data on commercial trucks, automotive, industrial, marine, and off-highway equipment. [More Info]

DTC Solutions

Quick repair information on every single known fault code for commercial trucks, including integrated wiring diagrams and component locators. [More Info]

Knowledge Base 2.0

Our library of technical documents includes remove and replace information, wiring diagrams, step-by-step repair information, and tens of thousands more. All of them are easily searchable with this handy program. [More Info]

Labor Time Guide with Estimating

Contains tens of thousands of repair times for commercial trucks, giving you a low, medium, and high labor time for each. It also contains the ability to create a professional-looking estimate for your clients. [More Info]

Truck Parts Cross

This tool will cross-reference both OEM and aftermarket part numbers, allowing you to find alternatives for truck parts. [More Info]

DTC Solutions Off Highway Edition

Since this tool works with quite a few pieces of off-highway equipment, users will now receive repair information on fault codes used on common earth moving and agriculture equipment such as John Deere, CAT, Komatsu, and many more. [More Info]


Genuine OEM software used on Bendix ABS systems, both truck and trailer.

Haldex ABS Trailer

Genuine OEM software used on Haldex ABS systems on trailers.

Wabash ABS Trailer

Genuine OEM software used on Wabash ABS trailer systems.

Driveline Angle Analyzer

Used to troubleshoot driveline vibration issues, along with changing driveline sizes and lengths.

Eaton Service Ranger v2.8x

For Generation 1 Eaton automated transmissions, this the OEM software.

Meritor TranSoft

Meritor existed the automated transmission market years ago, but this is the OEM software that is used by them.

ServiceMaxx J1708

For International engines 2006 and older, this is the same software enjoyed by truck dealerships.

DDEC Reports

Detroit Diesel and MBE engines retain a lot of data such as average road speed, hard stops, and much more. This program allows you to easily access and view that information.

International HABS

For a period, International used their own Hydraulic ABS system, and this is the software used by dealerships to troubleshoot and repair it.

International IPC

Prior to the HPV series of International Trucks, the instrument panel clusters were diagnosed with this OEM software.

Cummins Power Spec

This Cummins software can be used not only properly spec drivetrain configurations, but it can also be used to read codes and perform basic diagnostics.


The V-MAC III ECUs were used by Volvo prior to 2004. This software allows you to run the same diagnostics and commands that dealerships can.

Plug ‘n play

All our kits are "ready to go" out of the box. That means you don't need to install software, license software, or even configure it.  If you can take it out of the box, you’re already ready to go to work.

Here’s what’s in the box:

  • Surface Pro Tablet with Armor - 128 GB Hard Drive, 4 GB RAM, Touch screen, Bluetooth, WIFI
  • Diesel Laptops RP1210 Adapter - Works with all software
  • Diesel Laptops Cables - Includes 6-pin, 9-pin, OBDII, and Volvo OBDII Cable


Coverage on this tool is universal.  This means it will read all ECUs on all commercial trucks, including engine, transmission, ABS, cab controllers, chassis modules, and may more. This tool is built around the "standards" that are used in commercial trucks, but that same standard is also used in other applications such as automotive, construction, off-highway, and John Deere.  For detailed answers to your specific coverage questions, we suggest contacting our sales department.


We believe in support for our customers, and at Diesel Laptops, we take that to the next level. We have our own in-house technical support team comprised of both IT Professionals and Diesel Technicians.  We go beyond merely making sure your tool connects and functions appropriately.  Our team is committed to helping you find repair information and giving you guidance and advice on how to troubleshoot your vehicle.


No solution would be complete without training, and we take it several steps further then everyone else.  This is included free with your purchase:

  • Training videos on the laptop itself
  • Live one-on-one training as need
  • Free voucher for one of our hands-on classes covering subjects such as electrical and aftertreatment systems
  • Free voucher for one of our online courses at Diesel Laptops University

No fear! Trade-UP within the first year.

We understand that finding the right diagnostic tool can be frustrating.  To ease the stress, we’re making it easier. 

We’ve created a Trade-UP program specifically for you, the owner or manager so that you are confident you are making the most practical decision for your business’s diagnostic needs.  If within a year of your purchase you realize that you and your team need a more powerful diagnostic device, Trade-UP to the Dealer Level Diagnostic Tool for up to 100% of what you paid.

Carryover your purchase price when you Trade-UP to Dealer Level Diagnostic within:
  • 60 days you will receive $2,595.00 (100% of purchase price) towards an upgrade.
  • 61-120 days and you will receive $2335.50 (90% of purchase price) towards an upgrade.
  • 121-365 days and you will receive $2,076.00 (80% of purchase price) towards an upgrade.


This tool comes with a 12-month warranty.  This covers all hardware failures, along with all software updates.  After 12-months you would have to purchase a Support Package if you wish to continue to receive updates, support, and/or warranty.

Optional Support Packages

Level 1 (Basic Support) - includes 12 months of updates for PF-Diagnose and DTC Solutions plus basic support for connection and software related issues.

Level 2 (Standard Support) - includes everything in Level 1 plus 12 months of updates for KnowledgeBase 2.0, advanced diagnostic and computer support, and next day shipping for replacement parts.

Level 3 - (Premium Support) - includes everything in Level 2 plus a FREE replacement laptop every three years and 100% warranty coverage for laptop, hardware, and cables. Restrictions apply. See listing for details.