• HD PowerSmoke™

    by Redline

    HD PowerSmoke™


    SKU 95-0171

    HEAVY DUTY Diagnostic Leak Detector

    Now available a vapor machine designed specifically for HD Trucks, Buses, Commercial, Industrial, and Agricultural applications. The ONLY leak finder available on the market that is both high-pressure & variable pressure. 

    This patent pending technology was developed in collaboration with a big rig truck manufacturer and is currently being used by dealerships, repair centers, mobile technicians, fleet centers, etc. HD PowerSmoke™ is specifically engineered to provide the pressure and volume of vapor needed to test the integrity of HD intake systems and exhaust systems in one quick procedure, with the engine safely off.  Redline's patent pending PowerSmoke™ Adaptors expand to seal off most every intake or exhaust system with every brand of  heavy duty trucks as well as medium duty. Variable pressure, variable flow to replicate boost load and allow the technician to adjust flow as needed to find minuscule faults.

    HD PowerSmoke™ comes with complete professional accessory kit including: Two PowerSmoke™ Adaptors (one for block-off and one to seal with smoke pass through tube),  60 in.(1524 mm) SmokeMeister Wand, Smoke Nozzle, Cooling System Adaptor, Pressure-O2-& Temp Port Adaptors, extra OEM Approved Vapor Producing Fluid, Spare Quick Connect Couplers, Halogen Inspection Light, all inside a durable accessory kit.

    HD PowerSmoke offers the following features:

    • OEM Approved
    • Specifically for HEAVY DUTY
    • Variable Pressure | Variable Flow
    • Over 40X Typical EVAP pressure
    • Compact, Rugged Design
    • Professional HD Technician Grade
    • Made with Billet Aluminum and Steel
    • Runs on Compressed Air
    • Powered by 110-250 VAC or 12 VDC
    • Free of Dyes & other Contaminants
    • 2 - 20+ PSI Range
    • Performs Decay / Leak Down Tests
    • Only 19 lbs. (8.6 kg)
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