• Motorscan Harley Davidson Mobile Diagnostic Tool (6-Pin)

    Motorscan Harley Davidson Mobile Diagnostic Tool (6-Pin)



    The Motorscan wireless is a small adapter that allows you to perform diagnostics on your Harley Davidson motorcyle. It simply plugs into the diagnostic port on your motorcycle, pairs with the Bluetooth on your Apple or Android phone, and you now have powerful motorcycle diagnostics in the palm of your hand. This tool allows you to:

    • Read Diagnostic Fault Codes (DTCs)
    • Clear fault codes
    • View live data
    • View your bikes system information
    • Email reports of your vehicles health and diagnostic codes
    • View vehicle parameters using the dashboard

    The apps are free through the Google Play and Apple iTunes stores.


    In general, the 6-pin adapter is compatible with the newer models with Harley Davidson CAN Bus technology. You can download the entire PDF list of coverage here. The diagnostic coverage includes the following systems:

    • Body Controller
    • Injection
    • Dashboard
    • Handlebar Control Commands
    • ABS - Brembo Bosch Type 1
    • ABS - Brembo Bosch Type 2
    • Radio

    Also note that if you motorcycle has custom mapping done, that the readings and and compatibility are not guaranteed.


    • 6-pin Plug In Adapter
    • Free app for iOS and Android
    • Quick Start Guide
    • Technical Support
    • 12-months of warranty
    • Free updates for life


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