• Diesel Laptops Mack & Volvo OBDII Cable for DLA+ 2.0

    Diesel Laptops Mack & Volvo OBDII Cable for DLA+ 2.0

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    Diesel Laptops Mack and Volvo OBDII Cable for DLA+ 2.0

    This is an OBDII diagnostic adapter cable for Mack and Volvo trucks.


    • For Mack and Volvo Trucks with OBDII ports when connecting with Noregon JPRO Software.
    • Meets or exceeds all original Noregon DLA+ 2.0 cable specifications.
    • 3 year warranty.

    This diagnostic cable is the standard OBDII cable used to connect Mack and Volvo heavy vehicles to your Noregon DLA+2.0 adapter. Volvo switched to the "purple OBDII" port in 2013 and Mack did the same in 2015. The original Noregon part number is 121591. This aftermarket cable is guaranteed to work with your Noregon DLA+ 2.0 Adapter, and saves you money.

    Vendor: Diesel Laptops
    Part Number: DL-NRVOL
    UPC: 735520730945
    Length: 8 Inches
    Weight: 1 lb
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