Power Probe 3 (III) Master Combo Kit with Truck Fault Codes

Power Probe 3 (III) Master Combo Kit with Truck Fault Codes

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This Power Probe III Master Combo Kit gives you everything you need for electrical diagnostics and truck fault codes repair information.

This combo kit includes both the Power Probe 3 and the ECT3000. With five modes in the Power Probe 3 to test circuits like Negative Peak mode to capture the lowest voltage that it has dropped to, a Positive Peak to capture the highest detected voltage, a Peak to peak mode to measure the difference between the positive and negative peak voltage levels, and an AC threshold mode used to adjust the threshold voltage for peak to peak detection and signal monitoring, These modes help tackle a lot of automotive basic needs to help you diagnose electrical problems faster and more efficiently.


  • Engineered to work on all 12-24VDC systems
  • Tone Signal Injection & Wireless Tracing
  • Makes locating shorts and open circuits easier
  • Intelligent Open/Short Circuit Tracer (ECT3000)
  • Multi Strand Flexible Insulated Test Leads & Stackable 4mm Banana Plugs

Bundle Deal

This bundled deal of the Power Probe III Combo Kit is perfect for those that work on medium and heavy duty commercial trucks. You will receive a 12-month membership to TruckFaultCodes.com, which contains repair information on over 60,000 diagnostic codes, truck wiring diagrams, and step-by-step repair instructions.