• TEXA OHW All Makes & Cables Kit

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    TEXA OHW All Makes & Cables Kit


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    TEXA OHW All Makes & Cables Kit

    Diesel Laptops offers an ALL makes ALL models dealer level tool that will empower your technicians to work on other manufacturers equipment, allowing them to always be able to satisfy the customer. 


    • Everything pre-loaded, no set up required
    • Repair information for all makes includes
    • 90% coverage, with add-on cables available
    • US-Based technical and diagnostic support
    • Diesel technician training

    Why Do You Need This Solution?

    Profitability - How often do customers ask your technicians if they can fix a piece of equipment that isn't yours? Are they equipped with the most up to date software and hardware to complete that job?

    Brand - You have built a brand and business on the equipment that you sell and service. When you can expand that to cover all customer's needs you will then be expanding your business into areas previously unavailable to you.

    Growth - With how the market is today, the opportunity for growth is everywhere and with this tool those will now be opportunities that you can explore and add to your business.

    This Kit Includes

    • 3151/T61 - TEXA Off-Highway CAT 14 Pin Cable
    • 3151/T50 - TEXA Truck and Off-Highway Cummins 3 Pin Cable
    • 3151/T65 - TEXA Off-Highway Yanmar Cable
    • 3151/T55 - TEXA Off-Highway Kubota 4 Pin Cable
    • 3151/T27 - TEXA Off-Highway Deutz Cable
    • 3151/T47 - TEXA Volvo Off-Highway 14 Pin Cable
    • 3151/T58A - TEXA Off-Highway Bobcat Cable
    • 3151/T69 - TEXA Off-Highway Doosan Cable
    • 3151/T63 - TEXA Off-Highway Doosan Engine Cable
    • 3151/T54 - TEXA Off-Highway Hitachi 3 Series Cable
    • 3151/T67 - TEXA Off-Highway Komatsu Cable
    • 3151/T60 - TEXA Off-Highway Scania Engine Cable
    • 3151/T11B - TEXA Truck Volvo 8 Pin Cable
    • 3151/T07 - TEXA Truck and Off-Highway Universal Cable with Pin Out
    • 3151/T22 - Truck - American Truck Cable (3151/T22) - Same as 3906978
    • DL-PBT - Power Battery Terminal Cable
    • DL-PCG - Power Cigarette Port Cable
    • DL-POWER-BANK - Portable Charger, External Battery Pack
    • DL-PPM - Power Pack Main Cable
    • DL-T38 - OHW - CAT & Perkins OHW Cable T38
    • NAVIGATOR-TXT - TXT, OBDII, USB Cable, HASP Key, Carry Case
    • TEXA-OHW - TEXA Software - OHW

    How We Do It?

    With our vast experience in this market dealing with the "why" of why you need this tool coupled with the information we gather from you we are able to tailor our system to solve your problems.

    We understand the history of diagnostic tools and how it can be stressful to figure out if a system will work for your day to day which is why we do a deep analysis with you and your technicians to see what the day to day looks like and where those missed opportunities are. This will then allow us to build YOUR package for YOUR company.

    Onboarding something like this is also a project in its own, most technicians like to stick with what they know so that is why we set up specific webinars just for your company to help explain how the tool works and how it will help them complete more jobs as opposed to turn them away.


    Scott Meek teaching

    Technician Training is included

    Not only do we offer weekly online Cojali training courses to help you get to know your software, but we offer Diesel Technician training as well.

    One free Diesel Technician training class is included with your purchase.

    Explore Training Opportunities

    USA Based Technical Support

    Expert help is standing by

    One year of Premium Technical Support is included. During this time, you will have unlimited access to certified IT professionals and field trained Diesel Technicians.

    Our experts can guide you through any issue from basic connection issues to complex software issues and everything in between. Multi-lingual support is also available.

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