• ThinkTool Pros Complete Auto Diagnostic Tool Kit

    ThinkTool Pros Complete Auto Diagnostic Tool Kit

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    The ThinkTool Pros from ThinkCar offers OEM Level Automotive Diagnostic Service that covers 99% of the vehicle brand on the market. This tool contains bi-directional coverage for automotive that will allow you to perform commands such as:

    • Oil & Maintenance Resets
    • Electric Throttle Adaption to initialize throttle actuators so that the learning value is reset
    • Steering Angle Resets
    • Battery Monitoring Resets
    • ABS Bleeding
    • Break Pad Resets
    • DPF Regenerations
    • Crankshaft Gear Learning 
    • IMMO Service (Anti-theft key matching)
    • Injector Coding
    • TPMS Resets
    • Automatic Transmission Learning
    • Sunroof Initialization
    • EGR Adaption
    • Odometer Resets
    • Airbag Resets
    • AdBlue Resets
    • Windows Calibrations
    • .... and tens of thousands more.

    This tool contains all the features you'd expect out of a diagnostic tool -- Graphing of live data, reading/clearing fault codes, diagnostic reports, dealer level commands, resets, and much more.

      Automotive Coverage

      There are over 100 manufacturers covered, including all the most popular models such as:

      • Aston Martin
      • Audi
      • BMW
      • Mercedes-Benz
      • Ferrari
      • Fiat
      • Ford
      • GM Branded Vehicles
      • Honda
      • Hyundai
      • Isuzu
      • Mazda
      • Nissan
      • Porsche
      • Range Rover
      • SAAB
      • Suzuki
      • Toyota
      • Sprinter
      • Subaru
      • Volvo
      • VW
      • ... and more!

      Package Includes:

      • ThinkTool Pros Tablet
      • One Diagnostic VCI
      • One Extension Cable
      • 10 Piece Diagnostic Connector Set
      • OBDI Adaptor Cable
      • Diagnostic Cable
      • Programming Cable
      • User Manual
      • Rugged Carry Case

       Hardware Specifications

      • Android 10 Operating System
      • 8.0MP Rear Camera
      • 4GB RAM
      • 64GB Storage
      • 10" Screen
      • Battery is 6000mAh/7.6V
      • Has Wifi & Bluetooth
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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 2 reviews
      Great scanner

      Really happy with the way the scanner works so far compared to my shops provided scanner. Thanks diesel laptops.


      This tool is such a value for what you get. I was thinking I was going to receive a lite plastic tool, but this tool is robust and has some real quality in weight. I am able to run full diagnostics on the cars I work on with no problem and there is no loading delays. I am happy!