Virtual Diesel Technician Service and Software

Virtual Diesel Technician Service and Software

The Virtual Diesel Technician service from Diesel Laptops includes both software and live, qualified diesel technicians to help support your business. The service is designed to work with any diagnostic tool, no matter where you purchased it from. This service is a 12-month agreement (at $299 per month.) 

Included Services

  • Live Diesel Technicians - You have unlimited use of our in-house diesel technicians. We have a wide variety of experienced diesel technicians with certifications in almost every industry. We also give you access to software that allows us to live stream from your location! This means we can see what your technician sees, which allows us to help solve your problems quicker. Our services also include finding information that you can't locate, such as vehicle specifications, remove and replace instructions, wiring diagrams, and much more.
  • DTC Solutions Truck Edition - Repair information on more then 60,000 comemrcial truck diagnostic codes, along with wiring diagrams and component locators. This is a lifetime license and will never expire. [More Info]
  • DTC Solutions Off-Highway Edition - This program contains repair information on diesel engines and equipment not used on highways, such as farm tractors, generators, earth moving equipment, and a ton more. This is a lifetime license and will never expire.[More Info]
  • KnowledgeBase - DTC Solutions is a great tool that is purposed for "quick reference" tasks that call for finding code and repair information in less than 60 seconds. For customers that demand more, we include KnowledgeBase. This innovative program is also only available from Diesel Laptops, and it contains OEM level repair information covering all major manufacturers. This includes step-by-step troubleshooting, specifications, and lots more. This program is not sold separately.
  • Labor Time Guide with Estimating - Currently covering all Class 8 commercial trucks, our Labor Time Guide gives you industry standard times for tens of thousands of repairs. It also has the functionality to create great looking estimates for your customers by including your logo, shop labor rate, sales tax, parts, and much more. [More Info]

  • Live IT Professionals - So you have a laptop or computer system you purchased somewhere else and are having issues? No problem at all. We have a staff of IT professionals that deal with diesel diagnostic software all day long. No matter what tool you have, our IT pros are there to help you with anything you run across including connection issues, licensing issues, software upgrade issues, and anything else.

  • Free Diesel Technician Training - Members of this program will also receive a voucher to attend one of our in-classroom training sessions ($500 value), along with one of our online courses at Diesel Laptops University.

  • CF-31 Panasonic Toughbook - Your package will include all the software mentioned above pre-loaded on a refurbished Panasonic CF-31 laptop. You will also receive one additional activation code for each software program to install on any other computer of your choosing.

  • Android Tablet - Your package will include an Android tablet with a pre-loaded screen sharing app that allows our technical support team to see exactly what you see in real time.

  • One Year Premium Membership to TruckFaultCodes.com - Get detailed fault code information on more than 70,000 codes for commercial trucks. Premium members get access to detailed repair information and wiring diagrams. This $199 value is included for free with a Virtual Diesel Technician subscription.

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee! - If at any point you are unhappy in your first thirty days, simply cancel your service for a full refund.

Support & Updates

During your contract period, you will receive updates and support on everything mentioned here. If you decide after a year that you no longer wish to pay the monthly fee, the software programs and laptop listed above are yours to keep! Just be aware that you will no longer receive updates and support for those programs.

You will also receive access to all new software platforms that Diesel Laptops releases during the term of your contract. We have many new programs under development, and you will receive those at no charge when they are released.

Order Processing

Please contact our sales team at 888-983-1975 x1 if you are interested in this program. This program is financed through a leasing company, which you can learn more about on our website.


Virtual Diesel Technician Program Overview

DTC Solutions Truck Edition

DTC Solutions Off Highway Edition

Labor Time Guide with Estimating