Frequently Asked Questions

What is your return policy?

All non-software items can be returned within 30 days of receiving the item. Items must be returned in the original manufacturer’s packaging, so we recommend you keep your packaging for at least the first 30 days.

Software items are eligible for returns within 30 days, but only if they have not been licensed. Once software is licensed, we are unable to accept them back.

All refunds will be paid by company check within 5 business days of receiveing the items. If you wish to return an item, fill out our online RMA Request form.

What is my TEXA bluetooth pin?

All TEXA units use the pin number – 1234

Where is the WiFi switch?

For CF30 – the WiFi switch is located on the front right hand side next to the handle bar.

For CF31 – the WiFi switch is located next to the DVD drive. You must open the hatch to access the switch.

Why does it say "user not subscribed" on my Texa Fault Code Tab?

This diagnosis tool is a fetaure that will be available for futrue use. Until it is available we suggest using PF Diagnose.

How do I fix a Hasp Key error on my Texa?

If you are getting an error message that looks like this:

You will need to locate your HASP key. It is a green USB drive that shipped with your unit.

1. Locate the HASP Key that shipped with your unit.


2. Plug the HASP Key into the USB drive on the side of your CF30 or CF31.

3. Once the red light illuminates, restart the program.

How do I update my Texa Unit?

Updates are done via internet connection, and there is a menu option to check for updates inside the program.

How far behind the OEM software is the TEXA Software?

TEXA software is typically 1-2 months behind the OEM software update. We run 4-6 major updates a year to keep up with the growing industry.

Can you remotely access logs of the truck trip data IE when it stopped or how long it stopped?

Our TEXA software will not currently allow any type of remote diagnosis or electronic logging.

Can you block certain bi-directional commands from individuals?

There is no way to block individuals from using the software if your license key is in the laptop. However you can make windows modified passwords that will only grant individuals with the password to log on the Toughbook for use.

Can an internal internet chip be installed the TEXA Toughbook to remove the need for a hot spot?

We can install an internal internet chip on our CF 31 Panasonic tough books. Please keep in mind we do not stock that item in our warehouse so you would need to purchase the item and pay shipping costs to our headquarters where we will gladly install that for you. Please make us aware of this before placing finalizing your order.

Can you build individual truck files for you fleet? IE a bus company could have a recorded file for Bus 84 so when they logged in for the next maintenance can that information be stored?

There is not a way to keep individual truck/equipment folders however you are able to record sessions while connected to the truck or equipment. That being said you are able to save those sessions to your laptop for future reference to review previous connection.