diesel laptops' Customer Success Stories

At Diesel Laptops, we don't just sell you the tools you need. We go a step further with our exclusive diesel technician training, USA-based technical support, and Diesel Laptops-powered software to take your repairs to the next level. Whether you manage your own truck or a large fleet, we've got you covered. Watch the stories below to understand why more companies are choosing Diesel Laptops. 

Juan ibarra, Gold rush

If you’ve seen Discovery Channel’s hit show Gold Rush, you’ve probably watched Juan Ibarra jump in when things go south with the equipment.

As Tony Beet’s lead mechanic, Juan has a big job doing everything from fabricating parts for the plants to working on heavy iron equipment. Juan talks about one his most useful tools that he keeps with him, his Diesel Laptop Kit.


Speed. Efficiency. Accuracy. Support. These are just a few of the benefits PennFleet enjoys as a Diesel Laptops client.

Watch to see how Diesel Laptops has transformed the way PennFleet has revolutionized its operations, cutting downtime and boosting customer satisfaction.

The tools and support from Diesel Laptops mean faster, more reliable service, setting PennFleet ahead in the fleet maintenance game.

nathan clark, GearHead Services

In order to succeed as an independent, you need support to ensure your job is done correctly and completely.

With Diesel Laptops on his side, Nathan Clark with GearHead Services is able to make sure it's done right, every time.

“This is what it’s about right here. It’s making it simple for the input user to be able to make sure it’s right. You gotta have good software and thankfully I found it.”

duluth ready mix

With Diesel Laptops, Duluth Ready Mix is able to transform difficult diagnostics and repairs into simple, quick fixes.

Our precise equipment pinpoints issues instantly - whether it's a faulty sensor or a broken wire - getting your vehicles back on the road and earning faster. Diesel Laptops is your shortcut to problem-solving and profitability.

jeff sigmon, Mobile Diesel Diagnostics

Jeff Sigmon, owner of Mobile Diesel Diagnostics, specializes in in-depth troubleshooting that many technicians avoid.

Diesel Laptops allows him to maintain trust with his customers, grow his business, and perform diagnostics at the dealer-level.

The personal relationships and reliable technical support offered by Diesel Laptops highlights our commitment to customer satisfaction and growth in the industry.

Sunbelt rentals

The massive amount of construction and industrial equipment that Sunbelt offers is a huge benefit to the customer, but it requires a massive amount of upkeep from their team.

When Sunbelt began introducing Diesel Laptops’ multi-brand, dealer-level diagnostic kits, it allowed their in-house diesel technicians to properly diagnose, troubleshoot, and repair their equipment.

Trucker AK

Trucker AK is YouTuber who documents his experiences as a professional truck driver.

His YouTube channel has over 60,000 subscribers, and posts several videos per week, with his post popular videos topping millions of views. His most popular video has over 4 million views and shows what a day in the life of a truck driver looks like.

Trucker AK was kind enough to do a review about the Diesel Decoder, our bluetooth diagnostic tool for commercial trucks.

Blue ridge equipment services

David Parker of Blue Ridge Equipment Services reviews and demonstrates how quickly and easily the Cojali Jaltest MHE Diagnostic Kit helped them diagnose problems for a customer.

More happy customer stories

Joe P.

If I had an inventory full of Diesel Decoders every customer we help would own one. Diesel Laptops really changed the game in diagnostic/live data analysis/just works. Never fails always happy always on time.

Luanne C.

Easy download. Quick diagnosis!!

Jason L.

This was my 1st time working on a skid steer, installing fuel injectors, and programming them. Diesel laptops made coding the injectors the easiest and quickest part. They shipped the parts fast and patiently walked me through every step.

Gregory B.

Got the laptop hooked up in a 2006 Winnebago with cat C7. Called in got tech in a decent amount of time, went thru gave codes, programmed and unit runs amazing, recommend this company to anyone in need of laptop use for diesels!


The Diesel Difference

You can buy a diagnostic tool anywhere, but our customers keep coming back because of our Diesel Difference. It's the committment we make every day to take care of our customers not just with oustanding service and support, but with cutting-edge tools, software and training you won't find anywhere else in the industry. 



Diesel Laptops University offers unlimited in-person and online training from the best diesel experts in the industry. 



We pride ourselves on having a fully-staffed room of diesel & technical support experts at our company headquarters here in South Carolina.



From Diesel Repair to Diesel Health, our software solutions make repairs easier, cheaper, and put the world of diagnostic information at your fingertips



We know you use and depend on our tools every day, so our commitment is to get you back up and running as quickly as possible when something breaks or fails.