The All-In-One Vehicle Health Hub

Diesel Health is a web-based platform that allows users to view vehicle health scans. Each Diesel Health scan captures active and inactive fault codes, freeze frame data for fault codes, and information on major components such as the engine, transmission, cab controllers, ABS, and other computer-controlled components.

The platform allows the shop managers and owners to view all the scans that all their employees are doing. They are easily sortable by VIN, which includes the Year, Make and Model information. You can also one-click from a fault code to repair information along with using our call center staffed with diesel technician for troubleshooting assistance.

Groundbreaking Tech

You no longer need multiple pieces of software to scan every component on the vehicle. A huge assortment of our diagnostic tools that range from free to dealer level are capable of sending vehicle health reports to the Diesel Health platform. It takes only minutes per truck using a laptop, Android, or Apple device.

With Diesel Health, every scan is conveniently stored in the cloud allowing for a better and more complete picture of the overall health of a vehicle.


  • Use free or paid software to obtain vehicle health reports.
  • View health reports on any device that contains a web browser.
  • Access vehicle information (such as Make, Model, & Year) and major component information including models, serial numbers, software, and more.
  • View active and inactive fault codes including freeze frame data.
  • One click access from the fault code to Diesel Repair to instantly access repair information, wiring diagrams and technical repair documents.
  • Submit help request tickets to our technical support team to assist with diagnosis or repair.
  • Email, print, or save PDF copies of Diesel Health scans through the platform.
  • View and sort vehicles by VIN and when the scan was submitted.


When being worked on, a vehicle should have both a pre-scan and post-scan. The pre-scan sets a baseline for future visits to help track changes. It can also be handy in finding unreported issues or finding fault codes related to the reason the truck is being repaired.

The post-scan is also important to validate the original fault codes have been resolved and that no additional errors have been introduced to the vehicle during repair. It also protects the repair facility to prove that the vehicle was repaired when it left the facility.

How To Get Diesel Health

Diesel Health is integrated with Diesel Repair platform and available as part of a professional subscription. Diesel Repair is Diesel Laptops' proprietary repair platform featuring truck fault codes, wiring diagrams, VIN decoder, labor time guides, and much more. Head over to the Diesel Repair website to get started with Diesel Health today!

Alternately, Diesel Health has now been integrated directly into Cojali Jaltest diagnostic software! If you currently own a Jaltest diagnostic tool from Diesel Laptops and meet one of the following conditions, you receive it for free:

  • You purchased a Jaltest kit from Diesel Laptops within the last 12 months
  • You have purchased a Jaltest Truck kit and have a Gold level renewal package

Configuring Jaltest with Diesel Health

The integration with Cojali Jaltest is done in these easy steps:

  1. Head to the GRP (Garage Resource Planning) module located in the upper left area of the Jaltest Home screen.
  2. Once in the GRP menu select the Preferences button and then click on Configuration.
  3. 3) Next, click on Health Reports and then the Diesel Health tab. You will need to check the box to activate the sending of the reports along with entering your Diesel Health account number. Contact Diesel Laptops technical support if you don’t know what this is.

Once completed you can now perform Diesel Health scans inside the Jaltest diagnostic software. To perform a vehicle scan you simply connect to a vehicle. You will have the option to tag the scan as automatic, pre-scan, or post-scan. These are tags that will show up on the Diesel Health platform to help you more easily identify why the scan was performed.

Once you are connected to a vehicle the information will automatically be sent to your Diesel Health dashboard. You can now log into the Diesel Health platform to view this data.

Learn more about Pre and Post Scans on this episode of The DL

Diesel Health can be valuable asset to virtually anyone in the commercial trucking industry. Contact us today to put Diesel Health to work for you!

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