Diesel Laptops + Texa Education Program

As part of our commitment to support the future of the diesel industry, Diesel Laptops is proud to announce our partnership with TEXA USA in offering our exclusive package for educational institutions.

As costs rise, we understand how difficult it can be to provide quality training materials to the next generation of techs. That's why we're excited to offer the best of TEXA and Diesel Laptops products to not only get your students trained for today but ready for the future of repair. 

What You'll Get

Our commitment is to the future of the repair industry, and we do that by offering the most cutting-edge software and tools to guarantee your students will be ready as soon as they accept their first job. Every educational package gets the Diesel Laptops + TEXA On & Off-Highway Complete Kit, which includes: 

  • Our rugged CF-31 Panasonic Toughbook, fully upgraded to modern specs
  • A free replacement rugged laptop every 3 years for the life of your program
  • The newest TEXA MULTIHUB adapter for the most up-to-date diagnostics
  • The TEXA MULTIHUB power supply kit
  • Access to all TEXA modules for the lifetime of your program
  • Free TEXA software updates for the lifetime of your program
  • A professional lifetime license to Diesel Repair from Diesel Laptops
  • A lifetime license for Diesel Repair Desktop, the offline version of Diesel Repair

Let's Get Started!

This product is only available for educational facilities in the United States that are focused on training diesel technicians. If that's you, getting started is simple! Fill out the form below and we'll be in touch. 

Please leave blank if outside the U.S.