• The Right Financing

    Financing tailored to your needs.

    While a great diagnostic scanner and tool will help save your shop money and generate additional income, we understand that they are not an inexpensive purchase. To help with this, we offer several financing and payment options.

    • Traditional Financing: Variable interest rates based on credit check, typically with no down payment options.
    • Diesel Financing: Guaranteed approval with no credit checks through Diesel Laptops with tons of added benefits; available on select diagnostic tools.

    Traditional Financing

      US Residents

    If you are a resident of the United States, please visit our Diesel Laptops Lending for US Residents page at the link below. 

    Diesel Laptops Lending for US Residents

     Canadian Residents

    If you are a resident of Canada, please visit our Canadian Finance Options page at the link below. 

    Canadian Finance Options

     Non US or Canadian Residents

    Please Note: Diesel Laptops Lending services are not available at this time outside of the United States and Canada.


    Diesel Financing

    Diesel Financing is now guaranteed for all dealer-level kits regardless of the buyer's credit. Even better, we don't need to run your personal or business credit. Our sales representatives can instantly quote your financing options.

    How it Works

    All our sales representatives can provide you a no-credit-check quote. Simply use one of the following methods to receive yours.

    • Call us 888-983-1975 option 1
    • Chat with us using the tool in the lower right corner
    • Fill out our online form on this page

    Our sales team will provide you with your quote and payment terms, along with the next steps if you wish to proceed further. The Diesel Laptops Financing is really that simple!

    TEXA and Cojali Kits examples

    What's Included

    Our no-credit-check guaranteed financing from Diesel Laptops will be a 3-year term with a down deposit amount required. It includes:

    • 3 Year warranty on all equipment.
    • 3 Years of DieselCare* - covers items that are stolen, lost, broken, or damaged.
    • 3 Years of software updates.
    • 3 Years of Diesel Repair Professional. This is our web and mobile app-based platform that includes all the repair information you need including fault code diagnostics, wiring diagrams, component locators, recalls, TSBs, labor time guides, and much more.
    • 3 Years of unlimited support from our IT Pros and Diesel Technicians for assistance on both software and repairing commercial trucks.
    • Unlimited in-class training for diesel technicians that are offered at Diesel Training locations throughout the USA.
    • Once you make your final payment, we will issue you a replacement laptop. This is our way of saying "Thank You!" for being a client of Diesel Laptops, by keeping your hardware fresh.

    *DieselCare not included with the Diesel Tablet

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I bundle other items with my purchase?
    If you wish to purchase additional items, like automotive software, you would have to pay for those in full.

    What are the terms like?
    Our no-credit-check financing terms treat all clients equally, regardless of credit score and rating. All offers will require a down deposit, and the interest rate ranges from 4% to 10%, depending on which product.

    If you have a fair to great credit, we recommend taking the additional step to fill out an application that does run your credit score so we can find you additional offers to compare. These deals typically involve no down payment. US residents can find our traditional financing application here: Diesel Laptops Lending. Canadian residents click here.

    What if I can't make my payments?
    Please call us immediately. We can look at all options that range from changing the payment terms to returning the product. We will work with you and do everything possible to avoid a collections process. If customers are not communicating and not making payments, the tool will be rendered useless remotely and we will look at pursuing legal action.

    How long does this process take?
    Obtaining a quote only takes minutes, and we need very little information. Once you are ready to move forward, there is some documentation that will be emailed to you that can be filled out electronically. Once that is done, your order will be processed and shipped. Orders are shipped same-day or next-day, depending on the workload and time your order is placed.

    IHF Form

    Apply for Diesel Laptops' In-House Financing