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Cojali Diagnostic tools are designed for businesses that want to perform 99% of the diagnostic commands and tasks that OEM dealers do. Jaltest is much more than a basic code reader: it allows you to perform advanced functions such as DPF regens, derate resets, program injectors, configure PTO settings, reset maintenance indicator light, test injectors, and tens of thousands more.

Jaltest software also features all the functionality you'd expect out of any professional diagnostic tool:

  • View and clear generic SAE codes as well as OEM fault codes
  • Full Coverage of a vehicle parts including engine, transmission, ABS, ADAS, cab, chassis, and much more
  • Record data and playback at a later time
  • Can graph multiple sensor values simultaneously
  • View live data with intuitive dashboards
  • The Jaltest software only works with the Cojali Link vehicle communication interface (VCI), which is both Bluetooth and USB

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Cojali Jaltest software doesn't have any required annual fees. If you opt not to renew the software license, you retain full functionality, but lose access to software updates, Diesel Laptops repair information, training, and our technical support center.

You can choose to renew the software anytime without any late fees. Jaltest software typically has three major updates per year with intermittent minor releases as well. Updates include coverage on both newer model trucks and more extensive coverage on existing makes and mdoels.

Money Back Guarantee, Diesel Repair, Diesel Training, Diesel Parts

Diesel Laptops Difference

The Cojali kit from Diesel Laptops is a unique package with notable differences from the rest of the diagnostic market. This includes the following:

  • Online and offline repair information via a professional level subscription to Diesel Repair, which features step-by-step fault code assistance, wiring diagrams, labor time guides, TSBs, recalls, remove and replace instructions, VIN decoding, and much, much more.
  • Technical Support from our IT department and Diesel Technician assistance. Not sure how to complete a repair on a truck? Just give us a call, chat, or email and our experienced diesel techs can provide remote assistance.
  • Training classes covering both software and diesel technician skills including electrical diagnostics, aftertreatment systems, hydraulic systems, and much more through our Diesel Training division. Available online of at one of our locations throughout the United States.
  • All Cojali products include 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. If it doesn't suit you, you can return it for a full refund within 30 days.
  • Access to Diesel Parts, which empowers you to find the parts you need to get the repair job complete quickly and efficiently. This features the world's largest database of cross referenced truck parts, exploded-view catalogs, VIN to Filter, and much, much more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Cojali work on Fiat Chrysler (FCA) 2018 and newer vehicles?
Diagnostic tools must be authorized by FCA to run certain commands and functions on Fiat Chrysler vehicles 2018 and newer models. The Jaltest software is authorized, but you must also pay FCA an annual fee to have access to the function. For more details, see this blog post or the Jaltest FCA page.

What happens if I don't renew?
The tool will maintain the functionality at the level of the most recent update. However, you will not receive any new updates, technical support, or any other services offered from Diesel Laptops. We strongly encourage you to renew your software each year.

Can it do {command/test} on {pick manufacturer name} trucks/equipment?
The Jaltest software is capable of tens of thousands of diagnostic commands for equipment from around the world. While there isn't any command-specific coverage charts, you expect this tool to do 99% of what the OEM software can accomplish on commercial trucks.

Can I program ECMs with Jaltest?
It depends on what definition of programming is. This tool has the ability to calibrate and update ECMs. However, it cannot do a complete ECM software level update or program a blank ECM. To accomplish this, we sell both OEM programming software and offer remote programming kits you can rent.