• About Us

    Welcome to Diesel Laptops

    Founded in 2015, Diesel Laptops originally set out to help clients with their diagnostic tool needs. As trucks and emission technology became more advanced, a demand was placed in the market for diagnostic tools to meet those needs. As the years went on, we found that customers needed more. Diesel Laptops has now expanded into 4 distinct divisions.

    Diesel Laptops

    At our core is providing diagnostic tools to our customers. We understand that every customer is unique, and we represent the best brands on the planet. We surround those tools, including our own, with our world class services and support. This ensures customers are fitted with the appropriate tools, while also giving them access to the data and information they need to truly be efficient at truck and equipment repair.

    Diesel Repair

    Diesel Repair is our web and mobile based platform that puts repair information into the hands of the diesel technicians. Diesel Repair contains information on commercial truck diagnostic fault codes, wiring diagrams, component locators, labor time guides, recalls, technical service bulletins (TSBs), remove & replace instructions, and much more.

    Diesel Parts

    Our industry has historically not allowed end users to look up their own commercial trucks parts. Diesel Parts changes this. Users of this free platform on the web, Android, or IOS can look up their own parts by exploded views, by cross reference, by measurements, or by application. This allows users to save time and find options for the heavy truck parts they need.

    Diesel Training

    We understand that today's commercial trucks and equipment have become complicated. They have a massive amount of wiring, computers, and new technology. Diesel Training is the division of our company that provides continuing education for diesel technicians. This includes in-classroom experiences, online learning, and field training where we visit your location.

    Why choose Diesel Laptops?

    ✔ USA Based Technical Support

    Of all the extra features and services we offer, this is the most important one for both us and the customer. We pride ourselves on having a full staffed room of technical support experts at our company headquarters here in South Carolina. Our technical support staff is comprised of both computer experts and diesel technicians. We not only understand the software side of the equation, but we can help your company with solutions to repair the truck or equipment you are working on. Our technical support is open extended hours (Until 9 pm EST on Monday through Friday), but also Saturday as well. Our representatives can speak English, Spanish, and Portuguese. We offer remote assistance via phone, live chat, email, and many other options. You can learn more about our Support Team at diesellaptops.com/support.

    ✔ 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

    Most of our diagnostic kits include a 30-day Money Back Guarantee. If you are unhappy with your purchase, you have 30-days to return the kit for a full refund. This guarantee covers our most popular kits such as ones made by TEXA or our Cojali. What is not included is software kits that include OEM software. These programs have a 12-month license, and that licenses starts counting down the minute we install it. In those situations, we take them on case-by-case basis and work with you the best we can. Often, we can offer full trade-in value if you want to move to another product.

    ✔ Red Carpet Treatment

    With all our kits, we understand that no matter how hard we try, we do sell laptops and computer software at the end of the day. They are not infallible: Windows crashes, hardware stops working, Bluetooth acts up...a million other things can make even the best computer give up. As part of our commitment to customers, if a replacement part or laptop needs to be sent to you, we ship it via Next Day Air. We also include a free return label to get the failed item back. We know you use and depend on these tools every day, so our commitment is to get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

    ✔ Training

    No tool is complete without training. At Diesel Laptops we offer training in a variety of formats. Your laptop will come with a set of training videos on the desktop, and we offer a full line of training on our YouTube channel. We also offer weekly live training classes over the Internet, one-on-one training, live on-site training (for larger clients), and live in-classroom classes at our corporate headquarter in South Carolina.

    Diesel Laptops Executive Team

    Tyler Headshot

    Tyler Robertson, CEO

    Tyler Robertson is the founder and CEO of Diesel Laptops, an industry provider of diagnostic products, services, parts, and repair information to the commercial truck, construction, agriculture, off-highway, marine, and automotive markets. Prior to Diesel Laptops founding in 2014, Robertson worked for Carolina International Trucks, Inc. as service manager, parts manager, and then in IT/Marketing. With an IT background and over 15 years of experience working at commercial truck dealerships, Robertson has created a unique company that provides efficiency solutions to repair facilities across the U.S.

    David Headshot

    David Kelley, CFO

    A forward-thinking leader, known for driving growth and change David Kelley is now the Chief Financial Officer of Diesel Laptops. Versatility to adapt and excel across a diverse industry base including technology (SaaS, mobile, and security), business services, manufacturing, and more. As a CFO, his strengths span across all functional aspects of the role. As a business partner, he collaborates closely with the leadership team and the board to ensure the highest possible value for the shareholders.

    Dan Headshot

    Dan Nynas, COO

    After 20 years of various leadership roles within OEM dealerships, Dan Nynas is currently the Chief Operating Officer at Diesel Laptops. He is the recipient of multiple Dealer of the Year awards and was selected as a founding member of the Freightliner Custom Chassis Dealer Council. Heavily focused on leadership and continuous improvement, Dan brings the “whatever it takes” to everything he does.

    Andy Headshot

    Andy Turnbull, CRO

    Experienced Senior Vice President with a demonstrated history of leadership in the automotive industry and technology. Skilled in Negotiation, Business Planning, Operations Management, Sales, and International Business Development, Andy Turnbull is the Chief Revenue Officer at Diesel Laptops.