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    Diesel Health Now Available in Cojali Jaltest

    The Diesel Health platform allows you to see vehicle health scans that come automatically when you connect your Diesel Laptop tool to commercial trucks. Using the Diesel Health platform you can see every vehicle you’ve ever connected to. It will...

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    TEXA IDC5 Software Updates (OHW and Bike)

    TEXA has released version 24.0.2 of their Off-Highway (OHW) software. The new diagnostic features included in the IDC5 OHW 24.0.2 update allow working on a large number of vehicles that belong to makes of the most popular manufacturers. The work...

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    2023 Best Heavy Duty Truck Diagnostic Software


    Finding the best heavy duty truck diagnostic software isn't always easy, so we created our 2023 guide to help you solve that problem! We look at all the heavy duty truck diagnostic software available, in several categories: Upper Tier, Mid-Tier, and Lower Tier.
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    HCSS and Diesel Laptops Integration

    With a legacy dating back to 1986, HCSS has been dedicated to developing cutting-edge software that empowers construction companies to streamline their operations. Today, they proudly stand as a pioneering force and industry leader, serving a vast network of construction...

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