• Diesel Explorer 2.0

    Diesel Explorer 2.0

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    Diesel Explorer is Diesel Laptops' very own comprehensive heavy-duty and medium-duty diagnostic software! This software will read all DTCs and faults from all standard vehicle modules including body controller, engine controller, transmission controller, and more. You're also able to view live data, trip information, and HD-OBD readiness information. Diesel Explorer even has built-in reporting so you're able to do a quick check on the vehicle's health.

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    New in Version 2.0.1!

    • New user-friendly interface
    • Support for UDS and WWH-OBD protocols
    • Export Reports in PDF format
    • Multi-Protocol Mode: Diesel Explorer can now automatically scan all available channels and determine which protocols are available
    • Automatic Scanning: Upon connecting to the truck, DTCs and Component Information: VIN, Make/Model/Serial, etc. will automatically be scanned in.
    • New tabbed layout:
      • DTCs: displays diagnostic trouble codes/fault codes from all currently connected DTCs
      • General: displays crucial and up-to-date primary data: engine speed, engine coolant temperature, etc.
      • Basic Data: displays a snapshot of approximately 20 different parameters read in from the truck
      • Total Vehicle Data: displays total vehicle parameters: total vehicle distance, total engine run time, etc.
      • Total Trip Data: displays total trip parameters: trip distance, time fuel used, etc. This tab also includes a button that will reset the trip data available over J1939 (if applicable)

    Note: This program is only compatible on PCs running Windows 7 or higher.

    Nexiq USB Link 2

    RP1210 Compliant

    Diesel Explorer will work with any normal datalink adapter that is commonly used with other aftermarket and OEM software.

    New UI - Info on DTCs

    Information on DTCs

    Clearly see all active and inactive codes along with code information such as the SPN, FMI, and even a description. Easily view the total count of your codes as well as refresh and clear them.

    Component Info Screen

    Component Information

    Here you’ll see a list of all the modules that the adapter and software are picking up. You can also find information about these modules including manufacturer, serial number, and part number.

    View Parameters Screen

    View Parameters

    The parameters tab will show you tons of vehicle information that is updated in real-time including coolant temperature, boost pressure, accelerator pedal position, and more. This data is listed in metric, English, and binary values, when applicable.

    Vehicle and Trip Data Screen

    Vehicle and Trip Data

    Here you can view static parameters such as fuel economy, total vehicle hours, and total distances. You can choose to view these parameters for the lifetime of the vehicle or for a given trip.

    Reporting PDF Example

    Built-in Reporting

    Diesel Explorer has a built-in reporting feature that prints to a PDF format that includes Engine Data, DTCs, Components, Total Vehicle Data, and Total Trip Data.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 129 reviews
    Rich Thickens
    Lots of parameters, but slow to load

    It appears device this lists all the parameters the ECM and probably PCM monitor and control. Thats good for diagnosing but cumbersome if you are just looking for those issues you can or need to address or correct. I found I had to page through hundreds of unrelated items to get to what I wanted to see. Maybe if they were listed better by categories? Its nice to have access to everything but not so nice to have to dig through a data dump. One of the best things about this diagnostic tool is that its blue tooth and no subscription so you can use it anywhere, even if you have no internet or cell service. That makes it invaluable since you never know when or where some unnecessary sensor will malfunction and leave a perfectly functional vehicle derated in the side of the road. This devised will at least answer some questions and get you pointed in the right direction.

    William Brown
    This is Tony the tiger level "great"

    Keep up the good work. It works with so many different RP 1210 adapters. And it's easy.

    scott keddy

    Have not tried it yet..having laptop problems.

    Sebastien Lanthier

    Great product easy to use and fast to learn

    Justin Mooney

    Works great