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Diesel Explorer is Diesel Laptops’ very own comprehensive heavy-duty and medium-duty diagnostic software! This software will read all DTCs and faults from all standard vehicle modules including body controller, engine controller, transmission controller, and more. You’re also able to view live data, trip information, and HD-OBD readiness information. Diesel Explorer even has built-in HTML reporting so you’re able to do a quick check on the vehicle’s health.


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RP1210 Compliant

Diesel Explorer will work with any normal datalink adapter that is commonly used with other aftermarket and OEM software. Pictures of these adapters are included in the software to make set up easier.

Diesel Explorer

Information on DTCs

Clearly see all active and inactive codes along with code information such as the SPN, FMI, and even a description. Easily view the total count of your codes as well as refresh and clear them.

Diesel Explorer

Component Information

Here you’ll see a list of all the modules that the adapter and software are picking up. You can also find information about these modules including manufacturer, serial number, and part number.

Diesel Explorer

View Parameters

The parameters tab will show you tons of vehicle information that is updated in real-time including coolant temperature, boost pressure, accelerator pedal position, and more. This data is listed in metric, English, and binary values, when applicable.

Diesel Explorer

Vehicle and Trip Data

Here you can view static parameters such as fuel economy, total vehicle hours, and total distances. You can choose to view these parameters for the lifetime of the vehicle or for a given trip.

Diesel Explorer

Diagnostic Readiness

This screen shows the readiness monitor for all legislated OBD ECMs on your vehicle. It will show which emissions tests have run with a pass or fail outcome or if a test is incomplete.

Diesel Explorer

Built-in Reporting

Diesel Explorer has built-in reporting features that allow you to save the information obtained during the scan into an HTML file. This report is perfect for technicians, shop owners, and customers alike.

Note: This program is only compatible on PCs running Windows 7 or higher.

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Great diagnostic software!

Highly recommended

Diesel explorer displays a very hood amount of information on every type of truck/motor I have used it on. It’s load time is extremely fast. I recently purchased PF Diagnose and wish I hadn’t wasted the money.


Diesel Explorer


Diesel Explorer


i have not had a chance to even check if it loaded. so i have no comment at the moment. i am not even sure if it loaded. i will try today. thank you!