• Diesel Ad Network

    Reach Repair Shop Decision Makers!

    Diesel Laptops has created the world's largest advertising network that directly reaches the repair facilities into North America. Our mobile and desktop applications and websites are used to repair commercial trucks, trailers, and heavy equipment by tens of thousands of clients every day. These clients include diesel technicians, parts managers, parts salespeople, service managers, foremen, service writers, and more positions across all segments of this industry. If you’re wanting to target this market segment, look no further than the Diesel Ad Network by Diesel Laptops!

    Target Parts and Repair Professionals

    Increase parts sales or build brand awareness with our parts-specific apps! Our parts apps are used by thousands of parts salespeople and managers, independent repair shops, and diesel technicians. Learn more about the apps below so you can decide the best fit for your brand!

    Diesel Parts

    Looking to Target Parts Professionals?

    Increase parts sales or build brand awareness on Diesel Parts! Diesel Parts is a free, advanced parts database that quickly and easily enables users to make better buying decisions, save money, and increase margins. The audience on this app includes parts salespeople, parts managers, independent repair shops, and diesel technicians.

    Diesel Repair

    Trying to Reach Diesel Technicians?

    Don’t miss your chance for your brand to be seen by thousands of diesel technicians using Diesel Repair! Diesel Repair covers it all including fault code identification and instructions, complete truck repair documentation, wiring diagrams, a complete VIN decoder, and a labor time guide. In addition to diesel technicians, you can also reach service managers and even independent shop owners on this app.

    Ad Placement and Specifications

    The Diesel Ad Network is designed to give high-quality, prominent viewing for clients. Our applications receive over one million ad views a month with above-average click-through rates with an ad rotation of 60 seconds or every user interaction. Ads are sized at 768x52 px and our server can support JPGs, PNGs, and GIFs under 2MB. We also recommend that files be in RGB color mode. Below are examples of placement.

    Ad placement example

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