TEXA Buyback Program

Turn your TEXA into cash!

Got a TEXA in the shop that you're not using? Got your eye on a different Diagnostics Kit? Need to free up some cash? Trade in your TEXA!

Diesel Laptops is offering up to $2,000* for working TEXA units. Those wanting to trade in their TEXA toward a new purchase from Diesel Laptops can get up to a $500 bonus** for a maximum trade-in value of $2,500.

How it works

  1. Fill in the online application form.
  2. Provide quality photos (see buyback form below for examples)
  3. Accept the terms of your quote.
  4. Use our pre-paid shipping label to send in your equipment.
  5. Get a check or add the $500 bonus cash to the purchase of some other great software.

For a more detailed outline of the process, please see our blog post.

Diesel Laptops Buyback Program

Provide Diesel Laptops with the information we need to give you top dollar for your equipment.

Located on back of TXT, starts with "DN"

Provide the following three (3) photos.

Evaluation Pic 1

A photo of the Laptop and TXT Navigator (Data Comm) plugged up with the ability to see the green light on the TXT Navigator.
Evaluation Pic 2

The serial number of the TXT Navigator(Texa), located on the back side, typically starting with "DN"
Example of all items in kit

A photo of all cables, adapters, data comm and laptop that is part of the kit.