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This post is designed to help inform fleet managers, purchasing agents, and individuals involved in the bid process for a truck and/or off-highway diagnostic tool. Often, we find that government municipalities are confused about the differences that Diesel Laptops equipment comes with, and misinformation is spread by other companies involved in the bid process. While other companies sell TEXA and Cojali products, the versions we sell come with additional software and services you won't find anywhere else. At the end of this post, you can find some information to help your bid process, such as our Sole Source Provider letter, along with bid templates you can use in your process.

Repair Information

Repair Information

Diesel Laptops has created repair information for both commercial trucks and off-highway equipment. For customers purchasing diagnostic laptop kits from Diesel Laptops they will receive repair information above and beyond what is included with TEXA and Cojali software. Neither TEXA nor Cojali include repair information without an additional fee. Even purchasing their repair information you will find limited compares to what comes with the Diesel Laptops kits.

This includes:

  • DTC Solutions – A simple, easy to use desktop program that contains repair information on every single diagnostic code that exists. It also includes wiring diagrams for engines. These wiring diagrams are made by Diesel Laptops and are not available by any other means.
  • Knowledge Base – This is a repository of repair manuals that are offered by Diesel Laptops via our desktop application. These have been developed over years, and our Knowledge Base software allows you to easily locate and find the information you are looking for. This program is not sold separately.
  • Labor Time Guide with Estimating - Our desktop version does not require Internet, and allows users to look up labor times for commercial trucks. Users can also create professional looking estimates.

Diesel Repair

Every kit comes with a 12-month subscription to Diesel Repair Professional, which is normally $3,000 per year. This is our web-based application that includes all of the latest repair information for commercial trucks and equipment. This platform includes the following content:

  • Symptom Based Troubleshooting - Select your symptom and we will walk you through the diagnostic process.
  • Technical Repair Docs - Hundreds of thousands of PDFs that contain remove & replace instructions, maintenance interval charts, engine specifications, torque specifications, recalls, and technical service bulletins.
  • Truck Fault Codes - Repair information on every single fault code that exists
  • Truck Labor Times - Labor Time Guides for all commercial trucks
  • VIN Decoder - Decode VINs to quickly and easily see 20+ data points including year, make, model, and engine information.
  • Wiring Diagrams - Hundreds of thousands of pages of standardized, color-coded wiring diagrams for commercial trucks.
  • Equipment Fault Codes - The only database in existence that contains repair information for fault codes found on off-highway diesel powered equipment.

Technical Support

Technical Support

Diesel Laptops offers both IT and Diesel Technician support. Our experienced staff of USA-based employees offers help and assistance like no other. While most other companies only offer basic technical support such as making sure your software is installed and licensed, our team goes further.

Our Diesel Technicians are available via chat, email, or phone call to remotely diagnose and offer guided repair assistance on your commercial truck. This service comes free for customers that in support at Diesel Laptops.

Our team is also multi-lingual, so we are able to support customers in Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, and others.

Currently, we are open from 7 am to 9 pm EST Monday through Friday along with Saturday hours as well. We are open when your business is open, and we are there to help solve your problems.



We are the only diagnostic tool company that offers training as you have never seen before. First, every laptop kit will have around 60 minutes of videos included that goes over the basics. This includes connecting to vehicles, navigating the software, how to use the repair information, and much more.

Secondly, we provide several live online training events each week. These can be attended at any time, and at no cost to the customer. They take about our hour each, and we include a question and answer session at the end of the class.

Third, each customer of ours is entitled to one of our classroom experiences. Our classroom experiences are offered throughout the USA and are full-day experiences.

Bid Process Assistance

Quite often when we see a bid from a government entity, it is very lacking in details of what is being requested. To help with this, we have created a bid form that can be used when you are looking for the best possible diagnostic tool. For those that can bypass the bid process with a Sole Source letter, we have that for you as well.

Truck Bid Sample

Off-Highway Bid Sample

Truck and Off-Highway Combo Bid Sample

Sole Source Letter

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Aaron Hayes - August 4, 2022

Looking to swap out my laptops for 2 new ones since we are having hardware issues. Please contact me with pricing to swap out 2 laptops and replace a TXTs navigator.

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