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In the latest episode of The DL, Diesel Laptops Founder and CEO, Tyler Robertson is joined by AMBAC International CEO & Chairman, Robert Isherwood to discuss AMBAC’s unique employee owned “Open Book” business model, The Great Game of Business, as well as what AMBAC International manufactures. AMBAC International, formerly American Bosch, has been manufacturing Heavy Duty engine power and fluid components here in the USA since 1910. Robert explains how AMBAC has recently entered the aftermarket industry to help connect resellers to more fuel injection parts.

As a company that is employee owned and operated, AMBAC leads in engagement and empowerment amongst the employees. Robert talks about how the psychic ownership drives value by creating a space for more employee engagement, efficiency, reinvesting for a stronger company, and great recruiting. Employee ownership provides value within the company as well as to the customer who calls in for help and gets to talk to someone who is truly invested and an owner of the company.

Tyler and Robert talk about how the industry is steadily moving towards being software and data driven, the importance of ACES and Pies, and how companies are adapting. AMBAC has spent the last 3 years building the most comprehensive database for fuel injection products, eliminating the need to call multiple suppliers to locate parts, to get buyers the parts they need with ease and speed. AMBAC International is the brand you can trust because they’ve got the best team, the best data, and the best product.

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Learn more about The Great Game of Business: https://www.greatgame.com

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