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    Founded by Pat Walls in 2017, Starter Story shares inspiring stories of successful entrepreneurs through interviews that provide specific advice and insight into starting a business. In his December 2018 Starter Story interview, "From Selling on eBay to Making $20M/year," Diesel Laptops Founder and CEO, Tyler Robertson, shared his experience of starting and growing a business. 

    In that interview, Tyler broke down everything from how Diesel Laptops launches a product to the importance of online marketing and what he learned along the way. If you have an online business, we highly recommend reading the interview in its entirety to learn more about selling effectively on eBay and Amazon. There are also precious tips for increasing your online presence through backlinks and social media. 

    Read the 2018 interview

    Now, Tyler has returned to Starter Story for a follow-up interview titled "We're Setting a 3 Year Goal to Hit $100M Revenue." In this latest interview, Tyler shares what he has learned while growing the company even further in the past year. 

    2019 was a Growth Year

    In 2019, Diesel Laptops saw significant growth in all areas. Financially Diesel Laptops had a record sales year as the product line expanded to include even more software and services. Physically, the company expanded its headquarters to a larger 40,000 square foot facility in Irmo, SC, to accommodate an ever-growing workforce. In 2019 the company averaged hiring two employees per week; this included adding four Vice Presidents to the company. 

    Diesel Laptops New HQ

    (Diesel Laptops Headquarters in Irmo, SC)

    Strategic Planning is Key in 2020

    Perhaps the most significant growth aspect for Tyler was that Diesel Laptops began focusing on long term strategic goals. By working with a team of VPs and managers, the company set a three-year goal to hit $100M/year in revenue. Hitting this goal will require more growth and change. 

    "I don’t feel that Diesel Laptops can exist by 'just selling' diagnostic tools. We need to become a company that provides a variety of solutions to companies so they can operate more efficiently and be more profitable. Their success is our success." - Tyler Robertson

    In addition to talk of goal planning and company growth, the interview goes on to include several tidbits for aspiring entrepreneurs with recommended reading and advice for those who are struggling to grow their business. 

    Click the button below to read the interview in its entirety on Starter Story.

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