Cojali Jaltest Version 21.1 [Full List Of Updates]

Diesel Laptops is always excited to see more options for trucks and equipment owners to make their own repairs. On Cojali Jaltests newest update, version 21.1, we see technical and coverage improvements to the marine, truck, construction and agriculture modules. One of the most notable improvements is that the Marine module can now be added to the same software.

The Cojali Jaltest software can be used to perform dealer level commands using our Diesel Laptops Diagnostic Kit. Browse kits here.  

See Update Highlights Below:



  • Detroit, new variants for 20-21 models
  • International- Body Control Module tests added
  • Ford- New 7.3L added
  • See full list of Truck Updates here

OHW (Construction)

  • CAT C3.3B- Fuel Pump calibration
  • Liebherr LIDEC1 Updates
  • Cummins QSF 3.8, QSB 4.5, 6.7L, QSG 12 & QSX 15 updates
  • Deutz EMR5- PRV Reset
  • Kubota V1505, V1803, V2403  cylinder engines added
  • See full list of OHW Updates here


  • JD Inducement reset added
  • Massey Ferguson Autotronic 5 system- lift calibration and control potentiometer calibration
  • See full list of Agriculture Updates here



It is now possible to display a summary of slow-dynamic measurement warnings. As always, you can still display measurements in a graph format, define measurement triggers, and hae measurement warnings.

Jaltest Measurement Warning


Users are able to quickly and easily export/import vehicle lists through Excel or CSV files. This allows users to share the vehicles created in Jaltest with others from other platform or EPR of their company, and vice versa.

The vehicle record, vehicle types, brands, customized measurements, graphic configuration, language, measurement units etc will be displayed depending on the user who has registered in the application.


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Angaeli Lall-Butcher

Angaeli covers all things Off-Highway as a part of the marketing team at Diesel Laptops, from construction and agriculture machinery to heavy equipment diagnostics.

My role has brought me to The National Tractor Pulling Championships in Bowling Green OH, had me trekking through farms in Gilbert, SC and even sent me to a construction theme park in NJ. I spread the word about new ways that Diesel Laptops serves the Off-Highway community, and work with diesel techs to help them discover heavy equipment repair options.

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