• Customer Testimonial: Pennfleet

    Revolutionizing Heavy-Duty Repairs: The Diesel Laptops Advantage

    For heavy-duty repair shops, efficiency, accuracy, and reliable support are paramount. That’s why we at Diesel Laptops focus on providing a comprehensive solution for the unique challenges faced by heavy-duty repair professionals for businesses like PennFleet.

    PennFleet, a leading player in the fleet repair business, initially struggled with the plethora of laptops and tablets required for diagnostics. Jim Kolea, PennFleet CEO, recognized the need for consolidation and sought a single company to streamline its operations.

    “Diesel Laptops have helped us consolidate all of the technology into easy-to-use applications and easy-to-use laptops or tablets,” Kolea says. “They’ve truly changed the industry. I don’t know of any other competition out there that can even hold a candle to Diesel Laptops.”

    Solve Diverse Diagnostic Challenges with Efficiency

    As a fleet repair business, PennFleet has to work fast. Customers can't wait for  weeks or months - it takes drivers off the road and out of work for too long. Furthermore, any repairs they make have to be able to take a load and last as long as possible.

    Joe Angelo, General Manager at PennFleet, remarked how Diesel Laptops takes the guesswork out so the team can find a quick, specific solution.

    “We had a generic scanner give a generic code, and then we’d go online, research that code, find our own troubleshooting tree, and send out for many dealership trips for things we could have fixed in-house. Instead, Diesel Laptops is great because you scan a code, punch that in, and it'll come up with a troubleshooting tree, testing procedure, and wire diagrams that tell you exactly what to check for and what steps to follow that you can be 100% sure on.”

    Diesel Laptops solutions allow their technicians to do everything in-house. Whenever they don’t have to outsource something, it helps them run more efficiently, save financially, and get more trucks in and out of the repair shop so they can grow their business and thrive.

    Seamless User Experience

    The transition to Diesel Laptops marked a significant shift for PennFleet. The easy-to-use applications and devices provided a seamless user experience for technicians. The tablet system, introduced to their team just this year, was an immediate game-changer for roadside diagnostics.

    Unlike generic scanners, Diesel Laptops' tablet is Bluetooth-enabled, allowing technicians to scan vehicles while comfortably waiting in their service trucks.

    The vibrant and intuitive interface, coupled with detailed diagrams and troubleshooting procedures, ensures that even technicians unfamiliar with tablets can navigate the system effortlessly. This streamlined process enhances efficiency, saving time and enabling technicians to focus on the task at hand.

    Unrivaled Support and Training

    One defining feature of Diesel Laptops is our commitment to customer support and training. Upon receiving their laptops, PennFleet technicians underwent video training and had access to a dedicated support department. Our support and training team comprises former mechanics who know what they’re talking about and understand the challenges and intricacies of the field.

    Furthermore, the ability of our support team to remote into the laptop and guide technicians through troubleshooting procedures has made Diesel Laptops an obvious choice for PennFleet.

    We aim to empower technicians with accurate information, ensuring they can provide clients with precise details and avoid misinformation.

    Achieve Business Goals

    For businesses like PennFleet, time is money. That’s why our team goes beyond simply providing tools; we strive to help heavy-duty repair shops achieve and exceed their business goals. By consolidating technology, offering top-notch support, and enhancing efficiency, Diesel Laptops enables repair shops to handle more customers, grow their businesses, and minimize downtime for clients.

    Diesel Laptops has become the go-to solution for heavy-duty mechanics and repair shops like PennFleet seeking reliability, efficiency, and top-quality service. By addressing specific challenges faced by the industry, Diesel Laptops has not only provided tools but has revolutionized the way heavy-duty repairs are approached, setting a new standard in the market.

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