• Detroit Diesel CPC4 Repair

    The Detroit Diesel Common Power Train Controller, or CPC for short, is the central brain for Freightliner commercial trucks. The CPC, with the CPC4 being the latest version, is the interface between the engine computer and the cab of the commercial truck. While the CPC4 is a Detroit Diesel component, it is not mounted on the engine. It is mounted in the cab, and the location will change depending on the year and truck model. You will find the Detroit Diesel CPC4 on 2013 through 2019 models of Freightliner, Western Star, Oshkosh, and Thomas Bus applications with Detroit Diesel engines.

    The Detroit Diesel CPC4 is a black box with 4 connectors on one side. Three of those connectors have 18 pins, one of them has 21 pins. The box is 7.01” wide and 1.46” tall.

    The Detroit Diesel CPC4 communicates over the J1587 and the J1939 datalinks, and as you can see from this image it passes the communication from the engine computer (MCM) through the CPC to the J1939 datalink, which is where diagnostic tools are connected.

    The Issue with the Detroit Diesel CPC4

    The Detroit Diesel CPC4 has run into supply chain shortages over the last couple years, as have a lot of electronic components. While a brand new module is around $1,600 typically, used ones (and even new ones) have seen crazy pricing. New ones are now selling for upwards of $7,700 on eBay:

    Even used units are selling for more money then a new unit typically costs from a Detroit Diesel dealer:

    It has also opened a black market as well. In April of 2022, two dozen trucks had the Detroit Diesel CPC4 stolen from them at an auction site, and at the time replacement units were taking upwards of 6 months to be received.

    With no new inventory available and skyrocketing costs on used Detroit Diesel CPC4s, another option has now become available: Repairing existing Detroit Diesel CPC4 modules.

    Detroit Diesel CPC4 Repair

    While this option is still expensive, it is much less expensive and quicker then waiting on a new unit. The Detroit Diesel CPC4 ECM Repair service works very simple. You are provided a Next Day Air shipping label, the CPC4 is received by us, repairs and programming are complete, and the unit is shipped back to you. Turnaround is guaranteed in 10 days but usually happens within 3 to 5.

    This service is available to Detroit Diesel CPC4 units that have the following part numbers on them.















    Don't wait any longer - get your CPC4 repair started today!

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